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02-25-2014, 07:39 PM
Although i think i grasp basic economy mechanics i wanted to clear out how Ai economy actually functions?As helping certain empire to rise and flourish is cornerstone of game without insight in how they actually do it we are at disandvantage...

I know there are 3 resources food,credits and minerals.
Food is neccecary for survival of planet but does excess food in any way increase growth rate?
Minerals i presume are for ships but are credits also used by ai for building ships?How much ship cost in minerals and credits?Do ships have maintence fee?Will giving credits to ai faction help them and in what way...

What about space bases?When Ai chooses to build them and can it be influenced by player?

Can ai be influenced in speeding up their colonising of sistems.Sometimes i see that ai just sits and wait,while rival ais go mad with colonising although at my knowledge they have similiar amount of starting resources and planets..

Sorry if similiar question have been asked and anwsered.I didnt had luck finding it.If so point me and i will delete thread to not clutter forum with repeated questions...

02-26-2014, 05:49 PM
Extra food will speed up their population growth.

Races need minerals and credits to build ships.

Races use credits for ship building, repairing ships, spy type of activities, and if they have a lot of extra they will pump it into research.

I don't think you have any influence in where a race builds a space station.

If an AI isn't colonizing, they probably don't have enough minerals/credits for their colony or guard ships or their colony ships keep getting destroyed.

02-27-2014, 09:01 PM
Thanks shadow.I know i am pushing my luck but could you adress some more points

1.About starbases i didnt though on if i can influence where to build but for example will my giving 10 000 credits or some more influence ai to build starbase.
When basically AI decides to do it (is it excess cash,mineral,or both or some other special trigger)?

2. whats formula if there is one for ship cost for empires in minerals and credits as i presume cost is not fixed..?
Also one thought experiment if fringe starts on gas planet which doesnt have minerals (as far as i observed) and lose its first colony ship does it mean they lost game as they cannot get their minerals which are needed for ships...

3.If ships cost both minerals and credits do player by trading with one nation weaken them (especially early in game) as he is taking their much needed credits in exchange for goods(drops) he sells which i presume ai dont use?

08-04-2014, 05:07 PM
1) They need enough credits and minerals on that planet to create a station. There are a lot of things it takes into account and other ways it can use credits and minerals though.

2) Most of the cost of ships is related to the cost of the individual components (similar to the cost for the player). It might not make too much sense, but gas plants still produce minerals.

3) You will impact their short term cash flow, but they will sell whatever you sold them soon enough for a higher price.