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03-04-2014, 01:16 PM
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Edit 1:
It is pathetic that every file I did modify, even increased a single value rendered the whole mod useless. What am I doing wrong?`
All already released mods works, however whatever I touch seems to not work at all.

Edit 2: So I was laughing hysterical when I realized that that every file I modified became .rar
Since DO can not read .rar
while you all were using .zip
It became obviously that I was doing it wrong from the very beginning.

Anyway. I made my modifications partly work.
Every race/subrace that had previously unavailable slots now received an slot for that weight class:

However, question goes. How do I unlock the limitation of already set up of uniqueness of races. Enabling ex: Hive Missile defence into an Universal Medium slot?
Mod_HiveSlot overrides ClassHive
Base ClassPlayer

ModelName Models/hiveEscort.mdl

StartingHull HullHiveEscortLight
EndingHull HullHiveFlagshipHeavy

RandomNameFile ships

Name $$RaceNameHiveColor$$
Desc $$RaceDescHiveShort$$

BaseVitality 8
BaseDexterity 7

HealthPerVit 5.2
DefensePerDex 3.6

RaceSpecificEquipSlotIndex 30
RaceSpecificEquipSlotAvailable 1

RaceSpecificEquipSlotIndex 31
RaceSpecificEquipSlotAvailable 1

RaceSpecificEquipSlotIndex 32
RaceSpecificEquipSlotAvailable 1

RaceSpecificEquipSlotIndex 33
RaceSpecificEquipSlotAvailable 1

StartingItem Backpack
StartingItem Engine1-1-Cheap
StartingItem WeaponBeam1-1-Cheap
StartingItem Shield1-1-Cheap
StartingItem ConsumableHealthBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableHealthBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableEnergyBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableEnergyBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableShieldBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableShieldBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableThrustBoost1
StartingItem ConsumableThrustBoost1
StartingItem MissileDefensePre1-1-Cheap
StartingItem ThrusterBoostPre1-1-Cheap
StartingItem Crew6

Covenant RaceHive

Does not unlock that Missile defence medium slot into a universal medium slot

Edit 3: Noticed a bug which was a negative point, however a buff at the first level.
According to my command slots on my barbarian:
6 Heavy, 7 Medium, 8 light.
Due to my mod which unlocked 1 universal medium slot and 1 universal light slot (does not receive bonus powerload drain).
My command points filled these index slots instead of their row of their own. Meaning there were only 6 medium slots and 7 light slots upstairs excluding the 2 slots on the racial indext slots/bar.