View Full Version : Did I make a mistake playing Scavenger?

03-08-2014, 03:03 PM
This is my first character, was that not advisable? Is Scavenger a class better suited for advanced players since it was in the expansion? I was not initially aware that some ships should only put points into certain stats, according to certain threads. At around level 15, combat seemed to go less and less in my favor. Being able to hit, the damage I could do, etc... I initially assumed it had to do with gear, but I can never seem to buy anything better than I have, even from the most powerful factions.

As it is:
Level 18
Tactical 14
Helm 23
Structural 13
Engineering 16
Computers 12
Command 35
Should I have put everything in Tact and Helm as Scavenger? I had partly been using points to equip the gear I needed to survive at the time.

03-08-2014, 03:54 PM
No, Scavengers and their subraces are actually the best ships unless you are going for very specific builds, and thus are fine for beginners.

Just from glancing at your stats, I will say that you have put a few too many points in Command for a beginner. Getting your ship to be too big, too early, means you need a heavy investment in Helm, and that means that once you have spent 58 on command and helm, you only have 55 left for twice as many stats. This IS the way to get the best ship, sure, but it is NOT the way to have an easy early game.

03-09-2014, 04:53 AM
I would agree with Tuidjy's points but in order to salvage (pun) your current game without grinding forever I suggest the following:

Find the cortex, use the ability to shift your points from computers to tactical/engineering. Use your red slots for power and armor, use the yellows for manually aimed weapons (bombs/emp/railgun) a thruster (or two) and whatever else you want. If you lack any crew with stats in what you want, find the Drakk and do the crew requirement quests until you have some decent bonuses. If your scavenger racial item is super low level, try and get a new one, since that is your main source of regeneration for armor.

Why no computers you say? Well you can get defense off of thrusters just as easily, and the best armor goes in red, along with the best auto targetting weapons... So if you give all your spare red slots to armor, that leaves you with more yellows than the shield based ships for manually aimed weaponry and thrusters.

The easiest way to be effective with scavenger is to have good scavenging equipment, high dps, max thrust and a good armor buffer (and maybe some defense via an ecm). When I used this I would aggro huge groups and take them out with mines/railgun while taking significant fire, but there were enough kills to keep my armor up. It's a blitzkreig build.

You can surely adjust it later once you have more points to suit a different style, but this should work for you now.

03-30-2014, 01:25 AM
What does your ship component set-up look like? I felt the same way for a while until I arranged the right components. Once you start to get the hang of it Scavenger absolutely wrecks everything. I actually think it's way over powered. My lvl 51 scavenger can easily take out lvl 70 npcs and their planets in seconds.