View Full Version : Command Zero, prerequisites NOT maintained, level 100 ship

03-11-2014, 03:46 PM
After dozens of failed attempts, I finally managed to get a Command Zero ship to level 100.

Note that this ship has been juggling crew like there's no tomorrow, so this is not an answer to Cryosis's challenge. I still think that this is quite an accomplishment on its own merits.

If anyone cares, I can write a bit more about the ship, but for now I'm just posting the journal and the stats.


I abandoned two sectors for the same reasons: I was flying very fast into a cluster of semi-transparent mines, and I knew I would not survive the resulting explosions. You may also note that the wins are mostly economic, this is because this ship's weapons and armor plates are heavily modified (durability, energy and chips) and this costs a lot of credits.


In addition to the displayed configuration, the ship has two more: one where an EM wave replaces the botnet, so that the ship can deal with multiple enemies/missiles, and one where a medium generator is installed instead of the botnet, and the heavy generator is replaced by a colony module to help a race expand.