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03-15-2014, 12:25 PM
I was unable to find answers on this questions, please help me

1. Is it possible to modify layout of items description? The window which appears whenever you mouse over the item. I hasn't found it in UI/*.mnu files. Is it hardcoded?
2. I want to modify Text widget of the 'encyclopedia' (shipyard) menu. Do i need to copy whole encyclopedia.mnu file and change it? If i create new menu with Text widget and merge it using "mergeWith Encyclopedia" there is two text widgets appear
In case i need to use whole menu:
There is two encyclopedia.mnu - in assets1 and assets3, which do i need? They are quite different

i'd also like to know a full list of commands like

some of them can be found in mnu files like this
addplayerChangedCommand "selectWidget Quests::Quest0 1"
addCommand "clickRandomWidget NewCharacter::Human NewCharacter::Dryad NewCharacter::Utopian NewCharacter::Fringe NewCharacter::Hive NewCharacter::Drakk NewCharacter::Lithosoid NewCharacter::Cortex NewCharacter::Shadow NewCharacter::Brunt"