View Full Version : MOD: Consistent Crew Equipment

04-07-2014, 06:53 PM
There are 2 instances of Crew Equipment component types that have different names and icons but occupy the same slot. (e.g. You cannot have an Advanced Gaming System component AND a Holo Unit component installed simultaneously.) This mod simply unifies the icons for those components so there isn't any confusion.

- Artificial Gravity and Graviton Generator crew equipment components now both use the Artificial Gravity icon.
- Advanced Gaming System and Holo Unit crew equipment components now both use the Holo Unit icon.

Place the DroxModConsistentCrewEquipment.zip file in your /Drox Operative/Assets/ directory. No need to unzip it.

Works on existing ships and sectors. To revert back to the original icons, simply remove the DroxModConsistentCrewEquipment.zip file from your Assets directory.

Mirror: http://www.scrobot.com/drox/mods/DroxModConsistentCrewEquipment.zip