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12-30-2010, 06:03 PM
Shadow, and I'm sure PixelLord you had your hands in the graphics, and everyone else involved: really, really nice work with the beta. It's a definite advance in (almost all) the right directions for Din's Curse.

The following will be an editorial of my first run through of my first town in the Beta Expansion.

My order for the game went through at 8:56am this morning. I installed the game soon after that and started right in. I just recently finished the first town at about 1:45pm PST.

I decided to test out the expansion with my character:
Dorktastic (I make up stupid names for my characters)
Necromancer / Weaponmaster (not the easiest combination to play, but fun)

I loaded up a previously almost-complete town Elite town -- no more bosses, only one quest left to kill one named monster "before foozle causes more trouble" -- and the town was a few levels above me, I forget how many.

Everything seemed pretty chill in the beginning, and about 15 minutes in, all hell broke loose, both above and below the town.

I decided to start snapping off a bunch of screenshots a few hours into the game to chronicle the adventures.

Let's just speed up to the point of the images and, while no monster ever became a new boss of the town, I was flooded with lots, and lots, and lots of new quests.

12-30-2010, 06:09 PM
I can't remember how many trips I had made above and below town to quell various problems here and there.

Quests kept arriving, problematic monsters below town.

People stealing items from above town.

People cursing things.

People letting scouts into the town.

Bad people, they need spankings, but the worst I could do was "pick a fight with them." Hmmm... seems like Din's Curse Demon War towns could use "Exorcisms" and "Judicial Tribunals".

Ego weapons are really, really cool. The first level up of the weapon helped quell some of my frustration that I was feeling a the moment.

The anti-magic machine didn't really last long enough for me to see it's effect. I forgot what it did, but I'm happy I was able to kill it so fast.

12-30-2010, 06:13 PM
Throughout time, us necromancers have been discriminated against. Our skeletal dogs and cats, they have feelings too, you know. I don't know why the towns folk want to kill them more regularly (seems like this is post 1.011 patch) than they used to.

Even Katalyssa, whom I tried to save, decided that she didn't want to be saved, but would rather attack my very thorn imbued doggy.

Poor Katalyssa, I tried to save her, but alas, she beat herself to death.

Oh well, with her violent nature, she probably would have only multiplied the problems in town.

12-30-2010, 06:15 PM
The very animated townspeople gave me many new opportunities to solve quests, get lots of experience points, and rise multiple levels. I don't think I've risen so many levels in one little town.

I had opportunities to find stolen shipments, stop curses, and purify the water supply, along with many more quests that seemed to never end.

12-30-2010, 06:17 PM
The fighting has gotten a lot more exciting.



And there I go, dying again, proving how much more deadly the fights have become.

12-30-2010, 06:20 PM
Hmmm, law and order.

It seems right to fine someone for stealing from someone else.

It also seems right for someone, in these more stone age towns, to attack someone who stole from them.

But should a person be placed in double jeopardy? If someone is lawfully dealt with for their misdeeds, should they be fined and then immediately attacked by the victim of their crime?

I'm not so sure, but as a necromancer, I could always use a few more bodies to join my legions ;)

12-30-2010, 06:23 PM
I pop back to the surface and find out that a really bad monster has done many bad things in the dungeon below.

So I head down...

Only to find out that the town above was almost as bad as the monster below.

Decisions, decisions. Hmmm, I'll stay in the dungeon.

Even though I die down there, it's more heroic than family counseling the townspeople.

12-30-2010, 06:30 PM
I ran into lots of cool new quests.

I love being able to recharge my teleport stone.

And that solving various townsperson quests will occasionally eject really bad seeds.

For a moment I started to think Din was playing a joke on me for being a really bad person in my other life. The towns people started to ask me to mine for them. Mine for them? Really? But it wasn't too bad, they gave me a nice cut of the spoils. And lots of people wanted gold. A virtual gold fever swept through the town.

12-30-2010, 06:32 PM
One very needy townsperson, once I solved all of their quests, became a Town Luminary. I'm not quite sure what that is, but they did seem to stop being so lazy. Maybe I helped someone to help themselves?

Other town people were much more materialistic, my favorite type, and would leave me treasures in the middle of the town after I helped them out.

12-30-2010, 06:38 PM
No matter how much counseling I gave the townspeople, they still continued to argue. Bad townspeople. I just left them to kill each other, and yes, sometimes they did just that. Not sure why stealing was so bad as to generate a quest, but second degree murder was tolerated. No matter, it gave me lots of bodies to rummage through for items.

The merchants in the dungeons seemed a lot more prepared, especially the Beastmaster. Who would want to mess with someone who had so many body guards? Not me, and the monsters I purchased were very good pets, often even better -- like Elite better -- than the monsters I could raise in the dungeon.

And items? Oh yes, there were items. Like of wonderful purple and orange and even some really, really good yellow ones.

12-30-2010, 06:40 PM
Along my way I even found an empty vial, lacking any potion whatsoever. After picking up this vial, I decided to follow its instructions and fill it with something. I found a water puddle, and filled up the vial... to get some water.

Hmmm, I bet there are other uses. Now I just gotta find more empty vials.

12-30-2010, 06:43 PM
Many townspeople had died, some of the bad ones who kept picking fights with others I had to dispatch with my own giant axe and a flurry of whirlwinds.

I got yet another level for my weapon, and (if I remember right) a total of 3 levels for myself.

The game had slowed enough to where I could finally complete some quests that I just couldn't get to earlier in the game, even finding the missing shipment of items that someone had stolen earlier.

Finally, hours after my first foray into the Demon War, I was victorious.

It was time for a pint of Necro Ale.

12-30-2010, 07:07 PM
In general I always look at things from what I most want from them.

From video games I want entertainment, and I want value.

Do I think the Demon War expansion gives more value than I paid for it? Hell yes.

Is the Demon War expansion fun? Very much so! Amen, pass the beer nuts.

What did I like the most? Almost all of it. I think it's better to talk about what I don't think works very well -- see the next block -- and just say that if I don't say that I didn't like it, then I do like it.

What do I not like about the Expansion?

I think some of this comes from the 1.011 patch in general, but here are my thoughts.

Din's Curse 1.011 and the Demon War expansion adds more challenge to the game, which is very needed for the power gamers. But Din's Curse also boasts 196 different potential classes, and I am beginning to feel that many combinations are not going be viable to play. I have never died so many times with my Necromancer/Weaponmaster as I did today. Even with Dexterity potions, even with Vitality potions, I got one and two shotted by lots of monsters. Things just seem more deadly, and in ways that I'm not sure my non-power-gamer character, or other non-power-hybrids will be able to gracefully deal with. Maybe this is just life in Din's Curse, but I'd hate to see this game go the direction of Diablo II or others where there really is ONLY room for power gamers.
I stated it elsewhere, but I'd love to have another way of "finding evidence" other than a pixel hunt in the town. Adding more "R" to an "ARPG" is always healthy, but of everything that the expansion adds, and it adds a ton of great things, this is a real negative for me. Maybe, instead of hunting/pecking for evidence in the town, the "Talk" button for the NPCs could be turned into "Interrogate" when a crime is being solved?
Since NPCs are now more important, I would like them to be placed on the map just like the Warmaster, Steward, etc. I don't want to have to memorize their locations, nor do I want to always hunt and peck for them with the mouse.
It was funny at first, but I now think NPCs who get caught fighting should be punished. Maybe they get tattooed with "Poor Impulse Control" on their forehead, or there is a tribunal, but if I were running a civilized town, I think they should at least fight a lot less than the monsters below the town.
Can we get little icons floating above the heads of the really unhappy NPCs? That way we know who are naughty and who are nice? Would also be nice to be able to hide those icons -- config setting -- if we were in a town where we didn't care about the NPCs.
If the hunt and peck for evidence is going to stay in the game, is it possible to make sure that the evidence will always be placed in an area that is visible? Some of the 3d walls, houses, and especially the initial entrance to the dungeon can make certain evidence placements virtually impossible to find.

That's it. A very small list of things I don't like, a giant list of things that I do.

Very much looking forward to the next steps this game takes, to the final version of the expansion, and hell even to the next expansions :)

12-30-2010, 09:17 PM
I pretty much agree with everything Jeremy said above. Those are all pretty good ideas! :) I still love all the surprises this game can bring the player. I was delighted when a young relative played the game. I was sitting out in the living room listening to his curses, yells, and other extreme comments... he loved it because of the unpredictability! Just great!

12-31-2010, 01:11 AM
so-nso has been fined. so-nso is starving. so-nso is fighting urist.

these xpack townsfolk are worse than Dorfs in that other game.

i realize that limited town recalls are a feature, but how about an expensive recall stone recharger, or rare shrine-
maybe a vendor that sells random maps?

nit picking, but the quest-load and lethality difference between DC and DCDW is stunning.

more class possibilities does not equal more fun if only a few are viable.

agree largely with jerms up there, well-written critique of current build.

also a plug for better pet management/healing options, especially with the new beastmaster(!)

12-31-2010, 08:23 AM
Just played a bit of the expansion today and I have really been enjoying it so far. Just a couple of early quick thoughts:

-- From the little bit of the expansion I've seen so far my favorite effects are the warden's ward effects and the snow which are really well done. Really surprised to see some of the snow stay on the ground when it starts snowing heavy. Also the reflective water pools are really a improvement over the old pools.

-- Had a dungeon with the new "hell" level set, really cool and the voice that you sometimes hear is a nice addition.

-- The Anti-magic field kinda chugs my antiquated computer playing the game in native resolution. I have been turning the effects down all the way if I have a destroy anti-magic machine quest. Certainly a nice effect though and most machines probably won't have a problem with the effect.

-- Demon War feels like it bridges the gap between Din's and DoP. Both games are entirely different when it comes to scope and approach but Demon War with the more interactive NPC's make the towns feel much more alive and it just reminds me of a more refined concept from DoP.

Playing for only a couple hours I have to say everyone working on the expansion did great work.

12-31-2010, 04:17 PM
I agree that the anti-magic field slows things down (2.1 GHz MacBook here).

I'm also getting swarmed constantly in dungeons. The pic below shows my level 19 Hunter/Ice Mage being swarmed by Elite, Champion, Armored, etc. Krall on a level 8 dungeon. You can see 3 or 4 Elites. This was taken after thinning the herd. :eek:

I had saved the town already, so I went to a new town and dungeon, and behold, on the first dungeon floor... swarms! WTH?

The 1.011 patch was already making life miserable for my character. Now Demon Wars is ripping him a new one. He went from dying once (per 900 something kills), to now over 16 times. :mad:

To make matters worse, drops are almost non-existent. Even after beating Bosses, Elites, completing quests, etc. Nothing drops quite a bit of the time. And even if it's something, it's nothing my character can use or even good. So, my Hunter/Ice mage is barely denting monsters a couple levels lower than him. There's just nothing to be found in dungeons or even in shops. Very frustrating. :(

There's a lot to like about both the 1.011 patch and Demon Wars, but not if you're my character...

12-31-2010, 04:26 PM
The pace will get slowed in version 1.012.

12-31-2010, 04:28 PM
The pace will get slowed in version 1.012.

Awesome. I wasn't complaining enough to stop playing... :p