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05-01-2014, 04:33 PM
In the deepest dungeon cell of your stronghold, Alex and Barry float suspended in magical force fields. They are unconscious, and appear frozen in time, but inside them, a fight is going on.

Alex was bitten by an Assault Zombie, Barry was splashed by the blood of a Battle Zombie. Without the suspension field you recently discovered, they would have been doomed, but now their turning has been slowed down, and they have a chance.

By collecting ingredients from Assault and Battle Zombies, you can slow down the rate of Alex and Barry's zombification, and even reverse it, or at least channel it into something else. Collect enough resources, allocate enough of your spell-casters' time for the project, and you may allow your followers to keep their free will, and have them back on the roster, changed to reflect the qualities of the Zombies that infected them.

So in a few days, maybe Alex will be back hacking Zombies apart, but this time with the speed and reflexes of an Assault Zombie, or maybe Barry will have gained the endurance and weapon proficiency of Battle Zombies.

Of course, to achieve this, you would have to pull back two of your best spell-casters from the front lines, and you would have to focus on finding and slaying Assault or Battle zombies instead of seeing to something else your stronghold needs.

And of course, maybe if too many of your followers get Zombie traits, friction may arise between them and the 'Norms'? And maybe one Zombie trait makes the follower really hate those with the traits of another type of Zombie?

And maybe by going that way you will be able to restore the sentience of even Zombies that have turned a long time ago, and reconquer the world, restoring civilization? But your 'Norm' followers may not like this, given that it will leave them as a remnant of the old world, isolated and marginalized.

Or maybe you'll find a way to kill all Zombies with one casting of an ultimate spell? But maybe that would kill all of your Zombie-tainted followers, and they would really not like you pursuing that research?

But wait... maybe the other strongholds in the area have gone one of these ways? Maybe one of them is allying itself with Zombies, or has found a way to control them, or is about to eradicate them all, exterminating all of your tainted followers?

And maybe even you have allowed yourself to get infected, having prepared the ingredients and allocated the spell-casters' time ahead of time... So you are now tainted, and your survival depends on stopping those who would destroy anyone with a trace of the zombie condition!


Ah, don't you just love spouting ideas when you are not the one who has to implement them?

12-09-2014, 02:00 PM
Very cool ideas!
I like how the characters are infected and have some zombie abilities, but are still fighting to stay alive.

The character would possibly be an enemy to humanity as well because he's infected. So now he has to fight zombies and humans.

Talk about an outcast

I hope there will be zombie bosses....