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01-01-2011, 11:37 PM
For anyone using my mod I created a long time ago, I've finally updated it : )

I've added the demon hunter skilltrees as selectable 3rd trees, updated my base files to more recent patches so all the optional difficulty checkboxes show up properly : ) and moved the class description text over so it's all clearly visible (not partially obscured by the rightmost column of class buttons). I also removed the character image preview in the character creation screen since it was mostly hidden behind all the buttons anyway lol (and there's no room for it anywhere else)... since it's gone, I also removed the rotate left and right arrows..

for those that aren't familiar with this mod, it does the following:

1.) takes all 21 skilltrees and creates a button for them next to their host class button..... these buttons are 3 class hybrids with the first two skilltrees being blank (selectable via the usual hybrid dialogue boxes), and the third is auto-set to whichever button you originally clicked (since you can't set the third class using the "pickSkillTree" interface)

2.) removed the need to verify your intent to delete characters (don't click that button by accident).... if you don't want that feature, navigate into my mod zip, UI folder, and delete the "loadcharacter" file


1.) you can pick the same tree 3 times.... not sure if the passives stack or not, or if a spell with a timer is castable 3 times (haven't played in a while lol)

2.) the files were based off of asset files in Demon wars expansion.... not sure if it's useable in the vanilla game (doubt it without some minor tweaking)

3.) the third tree doesn't show up in your character's class description (gets a 2nd dash, but then the spot after is blank... both on the character select screen, and the character info screen)....

Download location.... attached to this post : ) 616

Installation instructions.....
download the zip.... move it into your "dins curse\Expansions\DemonWar\Assets folder

06-19-2011, 10:55 AM
updated for version 1.024 (fixed minor ui issues).

i just followed calienon's commented instructions in his original mod. credit is still all his.