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01-02-2011, 12:13 AM

I feel like armor isnt offering enough protection and Armor Piercing seems nearly useless. Currently Armor reduces physical dmg taken by an average Armor/30. Make that armor/20 or armor/25. This way armor can offer more Protection and Armor piercing becomes more better.

Change the way strength improves physical Damage. Currently strength improves Damage by the same way as skills do. Having +40% from strength and +40% from passive skills and +40% from your active skill results in +120% damage. Using a -20% active damage skill results in this case results in +60% damage. You nearly feel no difference between using Power Strike and Whirlwind because most of your damage is coming from Strength and Weapon Masteries. I suggest Str adds a flat amount to the Weapon DPS. Like 0.1 Dps per Point. After adding strength DPS and weapon DPS the multiplier from skills should be done. Strength should also effect the chance of a stunning blow a bit (like +0.01% per point).


-Unholy Strike: Time 1 Sec, Reuse Time 3 Sec, Damage +10% (+7.5% per Level)

-Charge: -5 Sec Reuse Time per Level, +0.25 Duration per Level, Attack +5% (+2.5% per Level), Movement Speed +50% (+5% per Level), Damage +5% (+5% per Level)

-Rampage: +2.5 Sec Duration per Level, -2.5 Sec Reuse Time per Level

-2 Handed Mastery: Fine.

-Breech: Fine

-Fire Strike: Time 1 Sec, Single Target only, Fire Damage +15% (+7.5% per Level), Damage Bonusses doubled if target has Unholy Strike Debuff, Reuse Time 3 Sec, Reduces Targets Armor by 10 (+10 per Level) for 5 sec

-Terrorize: Fine

-Vampir Blood: Reduces Targets Armor by 30 (+30 per Level) for 5 Sec, 10% (+5% per Level) Weapon Damage over 5 Sec. Time 1 Sec, Reuse Time 5 sec

-Ravage: Time 1 Sec, Reuse Time 5 Sec, Damage +10% (+7.5% per Level), Bonusses doubled if Target has Vampir Blood Debuff, Bonusses tripled if target has Wampir Blood + Unholy Strike Debuff


-Spirit Strike: Time 1 Sec, Reuse Time 5 Sec, +5% Damage (+5% per Level), Target -5 (-5 per Level) Defense and Armor for 5 Sec

-Shield Blast: Time 1 Sec, Reuse Time 5 Sec, +10% Damage (+7.5 per Level), If Target has Spirit Strike Debuff it also Stuns the Target for 1 (+0.1) sec per Level

-Magical Deflection: fine

-Energy Shield: Time 3 Sec, Reuse Time 10 Sec, Duration 60 Sec (+5 per Level), Increases Block, Parry, Dodge by 5 (+5 per Level), Everytimes the Warden dodges, parries or blocks an attack he gains +5% (1% per Level) Damage for 5 Sec (Stacks up to 5 times and timer refreshes upon gained stack, Buff expires if the Warden hasnt gained a stack for 5 sec)

-Wards: fine

-Banish: fine

-Shield Sweep: Time 1 Sec, Reuse Time 5 Sec, Interrupts Spells, -50% Damage (+2.5% per Level), hits up to 4 targets, if the target is stunned by Shield Blast it is stunned further for 2 sec (+0.2 per Level)

Of course these changes would require similar changes to all other classes. Its a lot of work but i think in the end the gameplay would be far better.