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07-30-2007, 11:35 AM
Every week I look at some of our webstats and part of the stats that get collected is what search terms have led people to our site. Sometimes these stats are helpful, somtimes amusing, and many times surprising.

Most of our top searches are what you would expect, mainly variations of Depths of Peril and Soldak Entertainment but we have some strange ones. Like we have a bunch of hits for Historical Heroes and Historical Villains. We do have pages that are titled this so it's not too surprising, but when I searched on Google for these, we are the 2nd and 3rd hit respectively. That's the surprising part.

I also found out we are the 12th hit for necromancer. It's not like necromancers are a new monster type or anything. How on earth are we the 12th hit? Not that I'm complaining or anything :)

Some other interesting searches that led to us: arm statue in ground, brandy jarvis, create a army of monsters, and rpg codex.