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01-06-2011, 01:33 PM
Hello! First post and so I must make my number 1 wish known (love the game, btw).

IN the early days of Everquest, for example, in good old King Zorb's Gorge, an enemy eye would try to cast a doozy of a spell on a member of a party (or solo, God Forbid!). The eye would charm you, you'd then lose control of your character and watch helplessly as he/she would attack your fellow party members until someone got off a spell to uncharm you. It was probably the most exciting spell effect I have ever encountered (the mudmen blinding you, causing your monitor to go completely black for 30 seconds was another memorable one).

I would love this feature in Din's Curse (or any other game, rarely ever do you see it done). I know very well I am not alone in my love of this spell in games as many gamers on other rpg's I've played with have waxed rhapsodic too about what happened in that gorge. The spell is that affecting. If you are a player that has not seen this happen to you in a game, you don't know what you're missing.

If not uncharmed, and you helped kill your friends, you'd follow the npc like a puppy dog until the charm wore off, and you could then run for your life hoping to get lucky and escape. We'd all keep the counterspell loaded and be ready if a friend got possessed, but it was no easy task to whip it out and cast it quickly, bringing much suspense.

I mention this also because whoever is making Din's Curse actually tries to implement either fresh ideas or expanded ones from other games a bit.

I'd also love Characters to be knocked out and taken prisoner. You'd then have to be freed by your friends or cast a lockpick spell that takes time to work. Not enough of that in games either.

Thanks for the opportunity to play the beta!

01-06-2011, 05:08 PM
I like the charm idea. The implementation would have to be different, though, because Din's is essentially a solo game; there's nobody around to cast the counter-spell or to be attacked. Even in multi, people tend to be on different levels half the time. The other thing is that the player is frequently surrounded by monsters; we want the spell to be fun/exasperating, not consistently lethal. So, how about this.

There's a new kind of demon who casts a charm spell. When it hits, the player wanders (or runs) around aimlessly for 5 or 10 seconds.... doing non-stop Whirlwind. There's no mana cost because it's powered by the charm spell. It reduces the chance of the player being killed by monsters, but increases the chance of running into an explosive barrel or support pillar. The spell has a fairly long cool-down time, so the player has a chance of attacking the demon before he gets charmed again. The demon is fairly solitary; with a gang of them the player wouldn't have a chance. A high Spirit or magic resistance can reduce the chance of being charmed.


01-06-2011, 09:21 PM
What drew me and my wife and friends to Din's was the excellent co-op play. We've been yearning for a co-op that had some depth and Din does play well in this capacity. I'd say Oblivion and Fallout 3, probably even the Fable series would be some I'd say were meant for solo (and I have them all). Fable has some very limited co-op but the battles are so easy and simplified, you end up never feeling threatened and even the adventure aspects suffer (much more suspenseful venturing out in a dangerous land). All of us have been playing Din's for about 2-3 weeks and we love it. We help eachother constantly, so the charm/ possession spells would work wonders here.

Besides, players get hit with so many spells in solo player games, why not a charm spell that lasts 30 seconds to a full minute? We get bombarded by flame, lightning, poison clouds, acid, earthquakes, tornadoes. If I become charmed and am helpless for a minute (since no player may be around if played in solo), I could die in seconds from a poison cloud instead and no one is around to cast a cure poison on me like in many games.

And certainly, in multiplay, which is the best part of this game (unlike Torchlight, which should be multiplayer and is not), having a chance to save a friend who has become a "pet" of a mob is quite a thrill. My wife has healed me so often in the game, she may as well cast a break charm spell like she used to (and me to when I was a mage way back when).

PS-- we all wish for MUCH better loot sold in vendors, like Griswold for example in Diablo. We get money and all of us are dying to spend it on items but not one of us have bought a single one. Please fix this. We love your game!

01-06-2011, 09:32 PM
And I forgot to say (arghhh! It's my birthday and things are crazy right now- my son is even pushing me off the keys as I try to type) that your Demon idea sounds good! With a player charmed in that way, he just might injure a party member with a cave-n like you say. Or even kill an NPC. That's more towards what I miss dearly than most games are offering so yes indeedy I would love that to happen! My wife just liked the idea as well!

01-07-2011, 01:16 AM
Here's another thought.

The charmed player should probably be able to eat and drink, to increase the chance of survival. So, what if there was a potion of remove-all-negative-effects. It would remove the charm spell, as well as curse, fire, poison, and so forth. It would have to be pretty rare and you would get it from a quest, like the re-charge teleport stone quest. If you (or your buddy) happened to have that, you could short-circuit the charm.

01-07-2011, 01:34 AM
Eek! More ways to perish in Hardcore Multi-Player!


Honestly, it is a cool idea. But make a player's Spirit (Intel? to a certain extent?) attribute count towards being able to resist Charm with a check every couple of seconds. It also makes the Spirit Attribute that much better in Din's Curse, thus working towards making all stats more relevant to the game proper.

This Charm ability should only be present in certain mobs e.g. Succubus, Vampires etc.

But eek! More ways to die! *runs away*

01-07-2011, 01:36 AM
And I forgot to add. If in Solo mode, the Charmed Player should still be able to attack the nearest enemy or limited to basic actions etc.

01-07-2011, 02:01 AM
And I forgot to add. If in Solo mode, the Charmed Player should still be able to attack the nearest enemy or limited to basic actions etc.

That's what the Whirlwind is for. :D Or did you mean that the player can aim toward it?

Whirlwind is a weaponmaster ability where you spin around in a circle and hit anything in range.

01-07-2011, 11:55 AM
In the original EQ, a high intelligence kept you a little safer from being charmed by King Xorb in his throne room, or any other giant eye that wandered the gorge trenches (they had tails).

Our various parties there always newthat Xorb would go after barbarians first, which was correct, for their low intell, but not exclusively. Their line of site and who was attacking them played a huge part on their targeting of course.

The casters among us even unloaded our best offensive spells and loaded other ones so that we could not use it on our party (which was also fun because it made us deviate from our tried and true methods and spells for a while and try more seldom used abilities which is great in a game).

We could also be damaged by players once we were under the control of the enemy (which was again thrilling- it all felt very real and a creature that could control one of us felt so much more dangerous and surprising). It really was an infamous place, very popular.

Potion dropping (a simple "Break Charm Potion") on a charmed player would certainly be fun for all of us who cherish playing the hero and swooping in to save someone, which is what RPG's can be all about.

If anyone here remembers the way the Gorge was (10 years ago or more?), you'll also no doubt recall in the same, narrow trenches (or Xorb's throne room which was wide open), you'd have to keep one eye open on any wandering Mudmen, who threw mud at you which had a chance to blind the player for 30 seconds. Imagine players typing "Help! Heru's been charmed! He's coming after me with fireballs" and you are typing back "I can't, I've been blinded!" on a keyboard to a totally dark monitor. And the loot drops were good if they spawned from a Xorb carcass.

I've been amazed since then I've not seen this happen in any other games, and it certainly is an experience that should never be singular to any specific game. I played WOW for years and never saw those things happen to that extent. There was also a goblin lair that went deep underground that also had giant eye creatures (Xorb was an eye, btw).

Din's is a rare game that is exploring ideas that make you wonder to yourself, "That's so cool, why don't other games do that?" Like NPC's getting jealous, fighting, starving and in need of food. Towns being attacked. Cave-ins. I love it!