View Full Version : 200k attack?

07-25-2014, 10:49 PM
Is this possibble? How did they make it? I just see it on other post that they can make it 200k.. any advise are welcomed.. thank you

07-26-2014, 12:38 AM
It is very much possible, I have done that much or more.

First of all, you can get attack bonuses from an awful lot of components: medium and light computers, radars, scanners, ECCM, etc... Just by getting a large hull and filling it with attack enhancing components, you could theoretically get up to 50K attack or so.

Second, by using chips, you can add more than 300 attack to every single component on your ship. That's another 10K or so.

Third, there are components that temporarily multiply your attack - deadly aim, cloaks, etc... and they stack with each other. There's a good chance that the ship with 200K attack had one or more multiplicative, temporary attack bonuses.

Actually, I would not be surprised if 1M attack is possible. The thing is, even at sector level 200, this is overkill. With a lot less attack, you can still hit any enemy practically all the time, and if you want criticals, you are better off increasing the critical chance directly, rather than boosting attack.

07-26-2014, 07:38 AM
Thank you bro I will try it.. regarding about dps, is 60-70k dps without buff normal or low? I just want to build high end ship and lack of knowledge about it. Most of my stat I just dump it to 460 command and just less stat for others..

07-26-2014, 11:19 AM
The highest DPS of any of my ships in a bit over 40K, so for me, 60k-70k is actually on the high side. But hey, more is better, no question.

If you are planning to take your level 100 ship to sector level 200, you will need a balance of offense and defense. If your ship is a hardcore one, your defenses are more important. It does not really matter how long it takes you do kill a bullet sponge with 150K hit points, but it certainly matters that you can survive at least two lucky shots over 10K each... and it is important to insure that those happen very seldom.

07-26-2014, 09:50 PM
Great and thank you bro for the answer.. will try it out