View Full Version : Community mod thread?

01-11-2011, 03:26 AM

Would you be willing to sticky a thread designed to be the community mod index?

The idea is as follows:

The first post states the rules, where essentially the rules are:
* Modders, if they wish, can add a post pointing to their formal mod post in the modders forum.
* Modders edit their own post when they update their mod, if they wish.
* The thread is for modders only to list their mod.

Of course human beings love to break rules, but at least we'd state the rules up front and ask people to be respectful.

The point is to gather an index of the community generated mods into one post at the top of the page. A perfect solution? No, but perhaps a step in the right direction for indexing the unofficial mods. Looking at the number of people who download and view Magitek's mod, Din's Curse might be well on the way to generating the sort of community that Neverwinter Nights (part 1, not the lousy part 2) had and still has to this day.