View Full Version : Make ballistic weapon vectors additive

07-30-2014, 07:07 PM
It'd be nice if a little Newtonian mechanics were applied to ballistic (and missile) weapons. For example, when my ship is moving N m/s in a straight line, and it fires a railgun aiming directly ahead, the rail ought to move N + M m/s, where M is the rail's speed relative to the static solar system. Currently, they move at M m/s in all cases. It's counterintuitive and disappointing to see a rail depart my ship's gun at a snail's pace when firing ahead of the ship as it moves.

07-30-2014, 08:39 PM
I do not think that Newtonian mechanics count for much in the space where Drox takes place. Gravity is on/off, momentum is not conserved when the engines switch off, and ships bank to make a wide turn.

The way we should look at it is "Would the game be better if projectiles' speed depended on the ship's speed?"

And I am not sure. Too much of a mental experiment for me. But I know that the game would need rebalancing, because as it is right now, many monster ships move much faster than their projectiles, which means that many projectiles and missiles would see their speed doubled and become much harder to dodge. That may be a good thing: added challenge, and more use for missile defenses. But it would definitely be in the players' detriment, that's the one thing of which I'm sure.