View Full Version : Clean up NPC messaging

01-15-2011, 01:13 AM
The new NPC stuff generates a lot of messages, some of which seems redundant, which can create a wall of text blocking much of the screen.

When xyz NPC is caught doing abc, the message could include the fine or reaction rather than having another line required to outline it; the logs suggest both these messages are generated at the same time. In some cases four messages can be combined (completed quest, found out who worshipped blah blah, they were fined, they were banished).

Maybe a few buttons to toggle filters or level of message detail could be useful; in some towns (poor ones, cursed ones, etc) 80%+ of the messages in the chat box are NPC messages around starting fights, being poor, finishing fights, etc. All the business with traitors and moods is excellent, but the feedback could be improved. Does anyone else have ideas?