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01-19-2011, 11:39 AM

First of all can I say how much I'm enjoying this game! I just got it yesterday, and I've played it a worrying amount already... I really love the faction system, and the basic "action RPG" stuff such as skills seem remarkably well balanced (so far anyway, with my level 13 warrior). The classes all seem VERY different, which is so fantastic after playing Diablo II ;).

I just want to know a few things, that I couldn't seem to find out from the website - sorry if I'm missing something obvious :)

-I know when I hit/get hit I get rage, but what determines how much I get? Is it a fixed amount per hit, or does it vary based on the amount of damage taken/dealt?

-What attribute increases maximum rage (if there is one which does...)

-What are the basic chances for Crushing Blow, Critical Hit, and Deep Wounds (if that name is right?) and what are they affected by? I think I read that when a skill says that it increases Crushing Blow by 20% that is 20% of the BASE, right?

-What are the differences between Block and Parry etc? Are some only available with a shield?

I see that the last post in this subforum is from quite a while ago, but I hope someone knowledgeable can help me with these questions :) - thanks a lot for your help!


01-21-2011, 09:17 AM
The basic rage numbers are 1.5 for hitting something, 1.0 for being hurt, and 0.5 for blocking or parrying. These can be increased with some of the skills.

Base stats:
critical hit - 5%
crushing blow - 2%
deep wounds - 2%

Critical hit increases with intelligence. All 3 of them can be increased with different skills (depending on class).

Usually a 20% increase on something like critical hit would be on the base. So in this case a 20% increase to critical hit would get you up to 6%.

Part of your defense number is split evenly into different avoidance types. Each miss is either a pure miss or attributed to an avoidance. There are skills that add directly to a specific avoidance type also. Usually what kind of miss happens doesn't matter except for a few response type of skills.