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02-02-2011, 09:51 AM
This could be a Din's Additionals issue or a Din's Curse issue. It was reported to me by my son:

When using the Scavenger skill on a corpse, a treasure chest appears.

Sometimes this chest is locked or trapped.

I'm really having a hard time picturing a pixie swallowing a treasure chest -- but I can live with it. But would you swallow a treasure chest that might set you on fire? :)

Is the treasure chest a programming convenience or are you really saying we've immersed ourselves up to the elbows in ichor and guts to come up with a real treasure chest that may be locked, stuck or go Boom?

Some thoughts on the in-gameness of it:

We all suspend disbelief that a 2 handed weapon might be in the corpse.... :) So "simply suspend disbelief" is a fair response.

Perhaps all creatures have enchanted guts with automatic Shrink ability?

Critters heard that a diet high in iron and fiber was good for them, but they took it a little too far.

To date myself, "treasure" in (A?)D&D was described to be the loot one got from raiding the critter's nest, not necessarily directly on their person.

Later, Diablo and other games make item drops and "squeezing corpses" a visual (and sometimes bloody) experience. Even the description of the skills imply that one is making potions out of say troll's blood, and in Din's Curse I guess we've decided that Orc liver is good eating -- after all everything tastes like chicken, right? :) Maybe Orc ladies stuff their bras with roast quail.... :)

So does the chest that appears represent hidden treasure in the critter's "nest", or are we doing an autopsy and coming up with something bigger than a breadbox (that might go Boom)?

02-02-2011, 10:14 AM
There's not a scavenger skill in the base game so I would assume it's a Din's Additionals thing.

02-02-2011, 11:32 AM
There's not a scavenger skill in the base game so I would assume it's a Din's Additionals thing.

Thanks -- it's still funny to have loot that literally "flys" out of monsters when they die. :) And the idea of finding food on a monster -- or even in a dungeon -- is pretty funny to me.

Oh look -- Roast Quail on level 10 hiding amongst the Sentinels and Reavers. Mmmmm. Wonder how long it's been here. I wonder if it's gone bad. Ah, nevermind, shove it in my pack, and back to hacking baddies to bits.

With all the poison, plague, evil energy pools, etc. that are in the dungeon -- I'd have to be rather desperate in real life before I'd trust any food I found in the dungeon. I also find the idea of eating in the middle of battle pretty ironic.

**Hack, slash.** Ouch! That smarts! Now how do I handle this partridge while holding a sheild and sword? If I get oil stains on my leather armor my wife will kill me when I get home! **Hack, slash.**

Thanks for putting up me bugging you! :)