View Full Version : Druid Class Tweaks

02-22-2011, 09:02 PM
I have been thinking about the suggestion made my M0stly Harmless in a different thread regarding the need to boost the druid class a bit. I actually like this class, having made use of it in a Ranger character, as well as a thief/druid hybrid. But I agree that it needs a boost. I would suggest the following:

1. Give the druid a boost to defense per point of spirit, as the Warden and Demonologist classes receive. I'd suggest giving a larger boost than +0.1/point of spirit. This would actually make spirit somewhat useful. And it would be REALLY useful if each level of spirit slightly reduced one's chance of being hit with a crit or a crush. This would be a natural extension of spirit's defensive capability. This could be done, for example, by giving each character a 0.1% chance of avoiding a crit or crush per point of spirit. The effect would be negligible at lower levels (when it really isn't needed), but at higher levels, it would give one a 25% chance of avoiding a crit or crush if spirit is maxed. Since bosses at this point have very high chances of landing crits and crushes, this would provide a real but by no means overwhelming defensive boost.

2. Given the problems with armor apparently not blocking damage very well, I'd also recommend giving barkskin a boost to defense and dodge chances. This would make this skill actually worthwhile.

3. Lastly, it would be great if the Stalker form received a percentage boost to defense (say, +4%/level) rather than the static +10/level. It is loads fun running around in Stalker form, and this would make builds such as Thief/Druid more viable at higher levels, I suspect. I haven't played this character at high levels yet, but on the basis of the amount of damage I have been taking at lower levels, I fear that this very enjoyable hybrid might not be viable above level 30.

I actually don't recommend that the Stalker spell be extended beyond 30 seconds, as has been earlier recommended; recasting it is not a big deal, and the frequent recasts also gives one the chance to rebuff using other skills when necessary.