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12-20-2007, 10:43 PM
i was just playing today and only two covenants are left: mine and the other covenant im at war with. so basically we kill each other every time we meet in town center. last time there was a priest available to be recruited and so i was going to get some more quests when the covenant im at war with saw me and started attacking. so i killed em both and after that my rogue party started attacking the priest to be recruited which is weird and the priest did not even fight back.

another thing i saw is that when im being raided my frenzy kodiak is not even fighting the raiding covenant. it was only standing there watching and it only attacks those that attack it. is this a feature of frenzy kodiak to stand and watch? i also saw a vile torva shaman guard of the covenant i was raiding again standing still and not fighting. all the guards should be fighting not watching

another thing is that in caustic grotto there seems to be no way to get to the other side. i can see monsters in the other side and the only path to it is too small and i think the problem there is that a small rock is blocking the path. i have been in that place for hours checking every bit of space to get to the other side and kill the boss quest.

12-21-2007, 11:09 AM
All of those sound like bugs to me. I'll take a look at them. The last one shouldn't happen all of the time at least. In the next world that generates the caustic grotto, the level will look completely different and will probably not have any issues.

12-21-2007, 12:45 PM
one more thing i forgot to add this one too. im allied with one covenant and declared war on another covenant. so my ally decides to raid the enemy covenant while i stay at home. since i figured that my ally will be weakened eventually i decided to go to his covenant and guard it if the enemy counterattacks. i was waiting and waiting for my ally to stop the raid and be counterattacked.

what happened is that when my ally came back it saw me inside his covenant and attacked me and declared war. i had about 92.x relationship with my ally so basically there was no reason for him to declare war on me. (except if some weird thing in diplomacy that made him declare war but thats also impossible since only 3 covenants are left). i quite happy though if he declares war this means reward chest and more killing fun:)

maybe something wrong with covenants attacking anyone except NPCs and itself when its killing other covenants.

just an update on my last post: i was able to reproduce the available recruit getting killed and the guards not attacking. i also took some screenshots of it just in case

12-22-2007, 01:03 AM
since im here, i might as well write in everything i see that could possibly be a bug:)

related to guards, when i kill off enemy covenant guards it seems the info on the relations screen on the tax thing and guard cost thing does not change at all. it stays the same guard costs as before i declared war with that covenant and does not change at all after i killed off all his guards. not that i care since he gets less crystals anyway with the dead guards:) its just funny though how dead guards still cost some money when there dead. or maybe this is actually a feature of guards maybe not.

another thing related to guards (enemy guards in particular). i think that other covenants should buy the stronger guards. well from what i saw all the other covenants buy weak guards like totally weak in level. i was playing in hard aggression and medium difficulty at lvl 15 and enemy guards are like cruel torva, skeleton and all the pathetic weaklings:) the highest guard level i saw is a lvl 8 bone warlord or something and thats in medium aggression.

but i do know that the longer the game progresses the higher the level of the guards that that covenants buys but thats after i have like lvl 20 guards and theirs is like lvl 13 so theirs is weak compared to mine. but i was trying something new today so i kill off every covenant right from the start and this is what i saw, weak guards. maybe covenants should get strong guards right from the start since what i think is that the other covenants try to get all four guards so they basically weaker guards to fill in the space which i don't think should be since a lvl 3 guard in a lvl 15 game level even the weakest of all members can kill that.

maybe enemy guards should be higher or roughly the same level as the game level chosen. i had only one lvl 18 guard in a lvl 15 game level but thats after i have taken down two covenants last time i play