View Full Version : [Feedback] DC/DoP/Zombasite Loot Systems

04-02-2015, 10:36 PM
Loot system in DC and DoP was underwhelming. We have a lot of rarities which sounds awesome on paper. After playing, I realized that the itemization just felt lacking and didn't really improve our characters by much. You get items like:

Very Rare
+2 str
+3 max health (Worse than 1 vitality)
+2 armor
+3 magic resists

And you could even find an artifact or legendary with similar stats with maybe another resist or something.

Mathematically, the gear we get compared to the difficulty of the game doesn't add up. I tested it and tested it and tested it... Tried on "the best" gear... The gear isn't good enough to make our character worth a damn.

It becomes a bigger issue to players who only play hardcore mode in ARPG's.

A few things I would like to see for Zombasite:

1.) A lot more uniques across all levels. (In DC and DoP, there was like 2-3 per level bracket.)

2.) Improve set items and add more sets. (I think sets should be a high level thing. We level past the low level sets too fast before we find them)

3.) Revamp the stats that roll on items. They seem to roll too low. Its underwhelming finally finding a few artifacts or very rares and they don't really increase our character power by much.

4.) Something that can increase spell damage on items.

5.) Caster gear that requires int/spi to equip instead of str/dex... It felt clunky putting str on a mage.

I really love DC/DoP. Best indie games I have picked up in a long time. I have recommended all of the Soldak games to friends and clanmates. Keep up the great work!