View Full Version : Duke Nukem Forever perspective

12-21-2007, 10:54 AM
Here's my interesting perspective about Duke Nukem Forever.

Once long, long ago (1996) in a place far away (Garland, TX) some people that were working on the Duke Nukem series and I believe had started working on Duke Nukem Forever, quit 3D Realms and started Hipnotic Interactive. A couple years later these guys had shipped a Quake expansion and had changed their name to Ritual Entertainment.

During these 2 years I was working at Nortel and working at a game startup working on an RPG. The startup wasn't going to work out and I was bored at Nortel, so I decided to get into the game industry full time and there was this cool company called Ritual nearby. So I started working at Ritual in late 1998.

In the next 6 years that I worked at Ritual we shipped Sin, Heavy Metal: FAKK 2, Blair Witch 3, Elite Force II, Counter-Strike XBox/Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. We also helped out on numerous games like Alice and 25 to Life and had a few game cancelled on us.

At this point in time I really want to work on an RPG, so I leave Ritual (2004) and setup Soldak Entertainment and start working on Depths of Peril. Three very, long years later we finally ship Depths of Peril.

A few months after that Duke Nukem Forever releases a new trailer.