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07-08-2015, 03:55 PM
Are there any mods that allow for more fine grained control over density of monsters, their aggression, and their re-spawn rates?

I sometimes feel like this is less me a stealthy operative interfering in the politics of a system and more me rushing about blindly trying to keep these poor bastards alive.


07-09-2015, 01:06 AM
I just made one up for you. It contains just about anything I figured fit what you might be looking for. I haven't changed any values, but it should be easy for you to make any changes you want.

To use it, download the attached .zip archive into your Drox Operative/Assets folder. Inside the archive is a .gdb file that you want to open with a text editor. Ideally, you want to open the .gdb without actually extracting the .zip archive; I know Winrar and 7zip are two programs that each will allow you to do this. Once you have the .gdb file open, make any changes that you want and save it. I left comments in the file explaining what everything is, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here is the text of the mod for reference:ModMonsterNerfOne overrides BaseSystem
// Affects chance of a group of monsters spawning in each block of a system.

MonsterChancePerBlock 0.125 // Default: 0.125

// Affects number of monsters per group.

MinMonstersPerBlock 2 // Default: 2
MaxMonstersPerBlock 5 // Default: 5

// Affects chances of monsters being spawned as a higher rarity.

MonsterChanceCommon 0.10 // Default: 0.10
MonsterChanceUncommon 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterChanceRare 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterChanceVeryRare 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterChanceUnique 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterChanceLegend 0.33 // Default: 0.33

MonsterNightChanceCommon 0.10 // Default: 0.10
MonsterNightChanceUncommon 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterNightChanceRare 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterNightChanceVeryRare 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterNightChanceUnique 0.33 // Default: 0.33
MonsterNightChanceLegend 0.33 // Default: 0.33

ModMonsterNerfTwo overrides GameSystem
// Affects the amount of damage monsters do to NPC races.

MonsterToNonPlayerCovenantDamageMult 0.5 // Default: 0.5

ModMonsterNerfThree overrides BaseArchetype
// Affects how close something has to be before a monster will start attacking.
// Note: these numbers are for the default range only. Some monsters have their own aggression range, and they override these numbers.
// If you want to adjust the range for such monsters, you will have to go through and add entries to this file for each one (34 total).
// You can find the entries you need to override in: Drox Operative/Assets/Assets003.zip/Database/Monsters/MonsterArchetypes.gdb

BaseAggressionRange 400.0 // Default: 400.0

// Same as above, except for stealthed monsters.

BaseHidingAggressionRange 100.0 // Default: 100.0

07-09-2015, 06:16 AM
Joku you're a star, thank you so much for that!

Would i be right in assuming that these changes would take effect when a new system (rather than a new game) is generated?



07-09-2015, 10:56 AM
The effects should be immediate, except the spawn rates which obviously wouldn't effect any monsters that already spawned before you made the changes.