View Full Version : NPC party members feedback

10-18-2015, 03:23 AM
I'm enjoying the ability to have other members of the clan come along as party members! In fact, my first bit of feedback would be to make the starting clan members be in your party by default - because otherwise you might not realize what a difference it makes.

Some issues with party member skills and AI I've noticed:

- Some NPCs get assigned skills that are only useful to the player, like Prayer and other mana regen skills.
- On the flip side, sometimes they get very powerful skills, like a wizard NPC I found that could Volcano an entire dungeon to death by himself.
- NPCs sometimes spawn with weapon-specific skills, but not the right weapon - i.e. a warrior with Shield Bash is wielding a two-handed sword. Rangers seem to be missing a bow a lot of the time.
- Spellcaster class NPCs tend to melee with a staff almost all the time, even if they have a spammable spell attack.
- I've seen a fair number of every class, but never any Demon Hunters. Are they deliberately excluded from NPC ranks, or have I just had bad luck?

For managing party members, I would request that any zero-cooldown buff which can be targeted on your allies individually be made an area-of-effect spell by default, just to save busywork. For example, the Protection from $ELEMENT spells are tedious to recast on every party member every minute-and-a-half. Since I'm going to cast the spell on everyone anyway - and it lasts long enough that I can cast the spell while not in danger - I'd rather save my time.

I would rather have the "Clan Armory" function of the crafting table automatically salvage an item into crafting components if no NPC wants it. After all, that's what I'm going to do to the item anyway. If the 9th-worst-equipped NPC in my clan doesn't need this pair of boots, why would I want it back?

For all that it feels a bit scattershot right now, I like having party members to bring along for a dungeon crawl. Please keep up the good work!