View Full Version : Suggestions: Town portals and Waypoints

10-21-2015, 04:17 PM
I'm wondering if it wouldn't be nice to include the one-time-town-portal-function from Din's Curse to Zombasite. It would make returning home a bit more convenient and also include another quest type (the acquiring of another town portal).

And since I'm talking about portals... As I see it, it's only possible to transport yourself to another clans town map when you're allied with them (to their center waypoint) or when you're at war with them (via the raid-portal). Wouldn't it be possible to put some kind of portal-funktion in when you're just friends/neutral with them? Maybe at the edgle of the screen? Or why not even to their town center waypoint? I get that this is a nice bonus to being allied with them, but its not like you could abuse it for anything when you are not.