View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.905

11-03-2015, 07:05 PM
NPCs will no longer default to a position outside of the walls
no one wants item message now only goes to player that tried to donate item (TnuocEht)
now a player discovering another clan automatically gives discovery to other players in game (TnuocEht)
added an unused attributes button on character button (ScrObot)
player clans now automatically discover each other (Professor Paul1290)
Arch-Nemesis can no longer start a group (Tyakraman)
reduced amount of monsters spawned in an empty town more
fixed not getting some win rewards (ScrObot)

11-05-2015, 07:07 PM
moved right click slots over a little
fixed NPC Locations showing wrong town for host in multiplayer game (fix probably fixes other random multiplayer bugs) (TnuocEht)
fixed BootsPlateNam14 (Nesmo)
fixed PoisonDamageMultModifierName11 (ScrObot)
fixed some crashes when more than 2 people join a multiplayer game (TnuocEht)
fixed Kick out of clan not going through localization system
now kicking NPC out of clan closes NPC equipment screen more consistently
fixed average happiness not displaying correctly when you have kicked out or had recruits die (Tuidjy)
NPCs can no longer do activities when petrified (Harkonis)
fixed new recruits sometimes not on Clan Armory list (dragonfyre13)
fixed sometimes NPCs getting stuck hunting or foraging
fixed banish votes not getting counted correctly
fixed change all happiness, insanity, and morale not going through all NPCs correctly in some cases
fixed new recruits sometimes not counting for crafting bonuses
when figuring out who gets credit for destroying a clan, now discount old damage much faster (ScrObot)
now clans can't start rumors with other clans they haven't met yet (Tuidjy)
now projectiles will eventually go away if stopped by monster's Flux ability (Tyakraman)
arch-nemesis can no longer overthrow bosses (ScrObot)
recruits no longer attack things that are in the way (Tuidjy)
fixed DPS capitalization (ScrObot)
fixed some alignment issues on global journal screen (ScrObot)
halved search for quest target prices (Tuidjy)
reworded Insane quest a little (ScrObot)
now extra rations button gives you food info when you highlight it
made selection size of liches smaller (Throwback)
reworded possessed announcement a little (Tuidjy)
fixed ego damage bonus not working on All Zombies items (Tuidjy)
added heart symbol next to health bar on NPC screen (ScrObot)
fixed one of the NPC locations being out of town (ScrObot)
fixed Potential NPC location capitalization (ScrObot)
started adding a new player class (no guarantee will make it in)

11-05-2015, 08:53 PM
fixed average happiness not displaying correctly when you have kicked out or had recruits die (Tuidjy)
fixed banish votes not getting counted correctly
fixed change all happiness, insanity, and morale not going through all NPCs correctly in some cases

Just a thought - some quests give you an additional clan member. I don't want to be penalised for saving someone then insta-kicking them because they are a burden on my clan.

11-06-2015, 07:03 PM
added Wicked Strike skill
added Sundering Strike skill
fixed block skill not actually getting a block (was just a generic miss) (Throwback)
increased Bravery, True Aim, Hardiness, 4 Protection spells, and Shield of Fire duration to 10 minutes
fixed sometimes starting with a different party than the one you had when saved (Caal)
made night darker
no longer add NPC prefix to first plague spread message
NPCs can no longer go insane when kidnapped, possessed, or petrified
now reset lose timer if get out of lose condition
added surprise penalty when making lots of noise (bashing on doors/chests)
now plague quests are solved if all infected people are killed or no longer in clan
changed extra projectiles print on items to having a + at beginning
door items should no longer show any health when destroyed (ScrObot)
added printFindPaths for debugging purposes
added printGetEntitiesInRange for debugging purposes
added printNumLights for debugging purposes
simplified deadly poison quest title when on main screen
fixed clicking highest quality button changing width/height value even if cancel is clicked
changed Fastest Settings & Highest Quality capitalization to be consistent
fixed tornado in town messages to only display if tornado in town, not just storm front
lock doors trap now plays lock sound on doors
raiders should no longer be able to spawn outside of your town (Zengrath)
fixed kick out of clan confirmation text going out of area on some resolutions (ScrObot)
fixed getting NPC prefix in death messages
now will pop up Crafting help topic when first crafting item drops (ScrObot)
now will pop up Town Defenses help topic when first guard, door, or relic item drops (ScrObot)
added Foul Strike skill
added Blade of Darkness skill
added Unholy Armor skill
added Void Shield skill
added Unholy Vitality skill
monsters can no longer get promotion when dead (ScrObot)
fixed a rare crash when a monster that gets a promotion has an outstanding projectile from the just upgraded enhancement
changed farmer obtained food print a little (ScrObot)
now highlight text from clan NPC list stays away from the cursor to make it easier to read (ScrObot)
fixed DiplomacyRaceHasQuestAvailableInSystem missing translation
now clan has quest and has quest in this area icons display on clan get quests screen
fixed a couple problems with putting throwable items in right click slots
made traps trigger faster (unless a slow trigger)
fixed siege quests progress text (Tuidjy)