View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.907

11-18-2015, 07:05 PM
added Soul Harvest skill
added Feeding Strike skill
added Defy Death skill
added Zombie Expert skill
added Death Mark skill
tripled attack per dex for Reaper
turned Death Knight subclasses back on for random hybrids
can now pick Death Knight subclasses
added death knight NPCs
now make sure to not spawn broken doors
fixed long teleporters teleporting player to empty border areas (Tuidjy/Dyskord)
summonned Screes ran much less often (Dyskord)
now the stand still for skills, releases the player 2 frames early
fixed a possible infinite loop in Actor::goInsane
fixed trades getting mixed up and not able to accept/reject in multiplayer games (TnuocEht)

11-19-2015, 09:32 PM
added adventure with other clan trade option
now if adventuring with 2 clans at once it increases the relations between the other 2 clans
added show/hide bags button to NPC equipment screen
moved the clan healthstone to a more central location that usually has stuff cluttered around it
fixed lurkers staying hidden
improved explosions on zombie hulk death (ScrObot)
towers can no longer be poisoned, stunned, get life stolen, or get deep wounds (Tuidjy)
added % to food sense line on hunter's Cooking skill (ScrObot)

11-20-2015, 07:04 PM
fixed Blood Magic not working in some cases (Dribix)
added description to Blood Magic status effect
now give hunting, foraging, fishing, and trapping percents for each area on hunting screen
now give health & mana potion foraging percents for each area on foraging screen
now a clan will stop their raid if they are being raided and have no clan members in their town (erikem)
increased Shield Bash StrengthTime from 4.0 to 5.0 (have to put less points in to keep it up to par) (Throwback)
changed a few reject texts (Caal)
now show monster level on gate list, hunting area list, and forage area list (Forevener)
fixed monsters in town levels that don't have a clan in them always being active
should no longer get clan under attack warnings when it is just a fight between clan members (ScrObot)
now gate list menu goes away immediately once using it (ScrObot)
network system is now smarter about not flooding the network when messages are bigger than 1 fragment
fixed a possible crash in World::getObjectHandle
removed some text that still mentioned higher food prices (ScrObot)