View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.908

12-02-2015, 07:20 PM
can now stop adventures with monster clans (Dyskord)
fixed not stopping adventure correctly when adventuring with 2 clans at once
fixed NPCs no longer doing activities (Tuidjy/Forevener)
summons no longer get in the way of starting shared adventures (asaguda)
improved multi-strike description (Throwback)
now make sure bombs don't leave level affected (jmhoffer)
added some randomness to death animations speed (ScrObot)
fixed unholy vitality requiring a shield (Tuidjy)
fixed some death knight status effect names
now all sounds default to max of 3 started at once
added 5% damage inflation to Blight skill (Hobo Elf)
added 5% damage inflation and increased per level damage for Insidious Poison (Oblivion)
added 5% damage inflation to Viper Venom skill (Oblivion)
added 5% damage inflation to Charged Strike skill (Oblivion)
increased Shuriken damage mult from 0.05 to 0.1 (Oblivion)
added 5% stat inflation to Gouge effect (Oblivion)
added damage inflation to Gut, Caltrops, Smite, Lifeburn, Immolation, Arcane Drain, Poison Arrow, Nature's Revenge, Curse of Pain, Inferno, and Poison Ward
added Evasion to Trickster
added 4% stat inflation to Dodge and Evasion (Oblivion)
added 4% stat inflation to Daze
added 7.5% hate inflation to Jab and Sleight of Hand skills (Oblivion)
Caltrops now lowers the target's attack also (Oblivion)
added 5% stat inflation to Disarm Trap and Lock Pick (Oblivion)
fixed Dark Templar and Reaper descriptions being too long
now Zombie Expert skill shows damage bonus
now if no valid quest selected on clan solve quest screen, don't show solve button (ScrObot)
natural hate can now be negative (basically meaning it is possible 2 clans will naturally move towards friendship)
other clans are now allowed to explore towns that aren't the player's town

12-03-2015, 07:09 PM
now NPC equipment screen that is over NPC location screen shows highlight text correctly (ScrObot)
fixed raised monsters getting added to respawn list and being raised
zombie horrors can no longer be raised from the dead
fixed some NPCs trying to raise skeletons and raising various other monsters instead and not having a cap on followers (should also fix some unexplained slow downs and some entities not spawning correctly issues)
now areas are more likely to have a connection to a normal area also if first connection is to a town
fixed river noises