View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.909

12-08-2015, 06:51 PM
fixed WorldModifierWars translation (Ghost Matter)
fixed ThirdPartyPeaceTreatyXWithY translation (Ghost Matter)
sped up a bunch of projectile speeds from 350.0 to 425.0
multiplayer client NPCs not creating items should be fixed now (Forevener)
now verify that target NPC is available (not kidnapped, petrified, etc) before getting married (Caal)
fixed Death Knight auras applying multiple times when increasing their level (DanSota)
removed several things from being added to log file so it has less clutter
no longer get extra raid message when resuming game that has ongoing raids

12-08-2015, 06:52 PM
fixed Defy Death skill not working properly (DanSota)
improved target selection of Arcane Swarm some (Tuidjy)
clans can now complement and insult the other clans including the player's clan
now get out of mana warnings when using skills like Serrated Arrow
now more NPCs turn to ghosts in haunted areas

12-09-2015, 06:34 PM
no longer add every plague victim to saved log
added refugee quest
added chanting quest
now Blood Magic adds mana from Intelligence to your health (RobDeLaMorte)
getNearestFreePosition now snaps to grid point
added Light Models graphics option (controls how many optional lights are drawn)
hopefully fixed NPCs not casting Bravery how they should (Tuidjy)
should no longer give skills that requires a shield to NPCs that can't use a shield (Tuidjy)
removed Poison Arrow skill from Alchemist NPCs (don't have bow skill)
should no longer give skills that require a specific weapon to an NPC that can't use that weapon
added a My Town button on world map screen
now only show Main Town button in multiplayer
some items can now be a disguised Death Knight, Wisp, Ghost, Horror, Changeling, or Lich
demons can now rarely break free from their master's control
added Construct town attack quest (from Mad Wizard)
Ghosts, Furies, and Lichs can now be unleashed from opening chests

12-10-2015, 07:08 PM
now chests can contain ancient curses
now Archmages, Evil Wizards, Witches, and Mad Wizards can conjurer Guardians
added 2 new types of quest Ambushes (Hidden & Ranged)
fixed not showing correct next bonus skill sometimes
Illusionist NPCs can now spawn illusionary monsters
added Evil Druid quest
added Evil Druid Circle quest
now wishing wells have a chance to cure all of a clan's plagues and curses
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 35
now good avatar spawns in a little sooner (when player is low on health)
now good avatars have a healing aura
made debris fire in pit not selectable
added challenge chests (can only open if you meet the minimum necessary attribute)
added Brigade quest
added Horde quest
added Legion quest
added Army quest
added a few more illusionary monsters that Illusionists can spawn
added normal and spec maps to frost shader
added normal and spec maps to stoneskin shader
Campfires now labeled as campfires instead of torches (only new entities)
fixed status effects on doors not working correctly (Steve)