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12-14-2015, 02:41 PM
I'm going to try something different. For those that would like to participate, I'd like us to have a shared adventure. Basically this means starting with the same character and world (attached to this post), playing through that world, and sharing your stories with everyone of what happened.

I think this will be fun for everyone that participates and it should be useful for me from a development standpoint.

To play: download the attached zip file, unzip the file, and put the 3 files into your chars directory, play that character for just that world, and then post your results.

Chars directory:
Win - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Zombasite/User
Linux - ~/.local/Zombasite/User

Post whatever you think is interesting: how you developed your character, interesting events, unfortunate deaths, what the other clans do, etc.

12-15-2015, 12:40 PM
I started out taking the P2 quests as I usually do so I can find out where to solve them. I meet a lieutenant named Con the Shadow who isn't that tough. Find a couple more, kill them, taking on berserk skill for speedy attacks.

I met the Horde, who seemed very unfriendly at first, then said 'Maybe we can be friends' when I killed one of their enemies. They got to really liking me after I killed another. Not fearing a raid from them atm. Another clan gets knocked off, isn't the horde or killed by the horde. I haven't yet had a look at the clan ratings.

Meet a traveler named Murrin who needs an escort to the Grimalkin forest of Clutter. He seems fairly competent at keeping himself alive. Glad he doesn't turn out to be a pirate or smuggler when I bring him to the place. While we were travelling together, we met someone who was being held for ransom from a zombie. I opt to ransom them, after which they begin to attack the ransomee and then me. Ransomee smartly opts to avoid combat with the zombie. We manage to kill the thing after using up all my health pots.

The nemesis in the area sends a regenerator to my location, some sort of werewolf character that proves very difficult to kill, and with a lot of firepower in the way of fire bolts. Starts burninating and zombifying the peasants. Wenni (or whatever her name was) got the zombie bug. I die to the regenerator, at which point another clan member steps up to fight it. I go to find a pillow to cry into, as I'm only level 5 and have already suffered my first death. Pull myself together and help the clan member to defeat the regenerator, who drops some stuff, nothing impressive. Craft down and repair my equipment. Then invite the zombie-ridden clan member and cure her.

Was a fun session, even though I managed to get myself killed. I wasn't expecting to tank with berserk, of course, but it would've been appreciated if my clan members jump to the defense of the healthstone (and me) before I bit the dust.

I didn't realize that the warrior's aoe had been removed from the skill tree, otherwise I'd usually pick up that instead of the passives I took to back up my berserking attack power.

P.S. The game seems to be running much better on my machine than it was before the recent patch.

12-15-2015, 04:23 PM
So far I've managed to get my NPCs back to working order, ally with Order of the Moon, get dragged into a war with Dragon Claw, destroy Dragon Claw, and recruit too many people so that we are now rationing food.

12-15-2015, 05:08 PM
Right from the start, I learned Power Strike, and resolved to start by increasing Strength, Dexterity and Vitality while attempting to keep them equal.

Nothing much happened until I ran into a ghost who tasked me with killing Boneville the Beast. The reward from that quest took me to level 2, and allowed me to equip most of the loot I found in the two chests next to Boneville.

Soon afterwards I found the Order of the Moon, and learned that I had already completed four of their quests. This allowed me to sign a mutual defense pact with them, and get to level 3.

I had already spotted Kelly, who needed escort to a nearby cave, and once I got level to 3, I asked him to follow me. Instead for the cave, I headed to where Wina was held captive, and rescued her. This took me to level 4.

Sadly, a group of night clan stalkers killed Kelly with a salvo of shuriken. I went back to the clan's camp, and took Wina to adventur ewith me. By the time I made it to the Grimalkin forest, I was level 5, had met the Horde and had learned Whilrwind.

I met Murray, who needed escort to the Grimalkin Forest of Clutter. Unfortunately, there was no direct way to the North, so I spent some time looking for a way from the East. That led me to meet the Dragon Claw. We found a way to Murray's destination from the East, and managed to remove Fully's pertrification while getting there. All of this allowed me to reach level 6.

I entered the Scowling Den to look for the ingredients to cure the Festering Doom and to unshrink Fully. While down there, I recruited a ranger with Foraging skills and a Rogue with Trapping. Once I had cleared the Jackals' problems, and reached level 7, I set out to discover the rest of the clans. It was too early to commit to a weapon type, so I just learned how to focus on Dealing Damage.

On the road to level 8, I discovered the Horde and Eternal Darkness clans, and recruited a commoner with a wide range of skills: butchering, acting, herbalism, glassblowing, and carpentry. I also picked up a few defensive skills: Parry and Blocking.

When I reached level 9, I realized that I had not done anything interesting in half an hour, that I had not met any new clans, nor faced a monster that was in any way a challenges. I looked at the fourteen semi-explored wilderness areas, which were generating more quests, and remembered why I do not play anything but tiny areas, unless I can start them at level + 15. So this is all for me. I'll attach a screenshot of the map.

My clan was at eight strong: the player character, two deadly rogues in his party, and five other members, all of which had foraging skills of some kind. Or food usage was a 65%, and we were foraging way more than we were eating in an hour. We were, of course, in mutual protection pacts with all other clans.

Basically the area was under control, but I had overleveled for it.


12-15-2015, 05:39 PM
Sadly, a group of night clan stalkers killed Kelly with a salvo of shuriken. I went back to the clan's camp, and took Wina to adventur ewith me. By the time I made it to the Grimalkin forest, I was level 5, had met the Horde and had learned Whilrwind.

I got Kelly killed also.

12-15-2015, 08:52 PM
Since I don't usually play warriors, I wanted party members asap, but Wina was a hostage and Fully was petrified, plus I quickly caught festering doom. So, I looked to free Wina first. I got the Kelly escort quest, and being in no hurry to get to her destination, used her as a party member until I could get Wina. Then with Wina and Kelly, got the festering doom cure.

I quickly found the Horde and Order of the Moon, got friendly with each, but within 10 mins, the Horde had wiped out the OM. Met the Dragon Claw a few minutes later.

Had the opportunity to pick up Eugenio the conjuror, Lawford the ranger, and Dory the rogue, but they didn't appear to have any skills, so they were politely refused clan membership.

Kelly served the clan well, but died of poisoning a mere few feet from her destination.

Right now Aldan is level 6, with no exceptional equipment, and no deaths (I play mostly hardcore). He has two levels of focus and one level of whirlwind. His next tasks will be curing Fully and getting a couple of useful clan mates, although he may not have much time for this before the weekend.

12-16-2015, 12:08 PM
Today the Horde started raiding my friend Order of the Moon so I started raiding the Horde to save the Order. What does the Order do? They start raiding the Horde and get themselves killed. I'm now alone in the world again.

12-16-2015, 11:55 PM
I went South out of the town and killed Boneville the Beast, now Level 2.
Problem: ClanGoodFirstInsult2

Found Kelly and left her there -- but healed her. She followed me killing things a bit. Aggressive for someone who wants an escort.

I went to the town next door, took their portal home, dropped off loot. When I went through the forest portal, there was a swarm/ambush, so I did what any good adventurer opening a door and seeing a dragon would do: I closed the door. (went back through the portal).

So I went out the town gate, killed Malo the Lightning Weilder, now 4th Level. Finally spent points -- Savage Strike & Bloodlust. Have already been 1-shotting things with a decent sword, so figure I'd save that for mini bosses and exceptional creatures. And those damned rogues.

Left Murris quest alone -- just killed what was around him and kept going to make the area safer.

Rescued Ham. Why when you rescue people are they not in your clan?

Added Tate to my party --> random real person out in woods I guess. Rogue.

Run around a while cleaning up area, then pick up Kelly after I figure out where she wants to go. Heal Murris on the way past him. Go in the den, cash in Kelly quest but she almost died in the Grimalkin Forest when I overshot the turn for the den. Escort success = Level 5. Add Arms Mastery.

Get a bag at a wishing well. Woot.

Problem: Was able to kick Fully out of clan (still petrified) and it actually solved the quest for me. hah.

Grab Murris and venture off to find the Grimalkin Forest of Clutter.

OM asked for non-agression pact. Accepted.

OM destroyed by Horde.

Get to the Grim Forest of Clutter - cash in Escort quest.

Get Zombie 1 infection, and had active potion too. A couple heal potions don't work, try to live with it for now.


Z1 infection cured by wishing well in dungeon while looking for gravestone.

Amorphs in dungeon seem to be dropping a goodly amount of healing potions & food.... or is that just me?

By end of evening I'm level 7 and only have a few quests of my own left to take care of. And the Horde & I have a non-agression pact.

12-17-2015, 09:14 PM
I'm up to 7 NPCs in my clan, but the strange thing is that 4 of them are married.

12-17-2015, 11:19 PM
I had 7 -- but Maria & Tate were fighting, and Tate was adventuring with me (Rogue) -- and Maria was just entertainment and undesirable personality (so far). There was someone who let a monster in, I had a feeling it would end up being Maria, I excused her from the clan.

Suddenly everyone's talking and having a good time in the town and happiness is going up.

Can't find the hint about the monster ally though. I know a fix is coming up -- just annoying. Same with who poisoned the food etc. Couldn't find it. Pretty sure the quests were for my clan.

Now level 9.

One thing I find annoying is when I'm looking at minion's items and it says "In Inventory" for their item. Can that be fixed? Their item isn't in their inventory -- they have it equipped. That whole thing does leave something to be desired -- it's annoying to try to look at minion's equipment, on many levels.

12-19-2015, 10:44 AM
Aldan has resumed his journey - to pursue his goal of unpetrifying his buddy Fully, he wipes out wampirs to get the needed ingredients, and frees him. Aldan's next goal was to strengthen the clan. He rescues Ham, who joins the clan as a commoner with trapping skills. Aldan then recruited Talbot the warrior. With Fully, Ham, and Talbot, Aldan sends out his first hunting party to the Grimalkin Forest, which is excellent for trapping. The party brings in 31 food, giving the Jackals 82 food, 42 over the minimum.

With food in good shape, it's time to explore - Aldan wants to find new lands for hunting and discover other clans. His search uncovered an abandoned Peldor, but just north of there, in Greenvale, he met the Eternal Darkness clan. Aldan cozies up to his new acquaintances by curing apathy and stamping out an infestation.

Just as he's saying goodbye, Dejal the Crusher pays an unfriendly visit to Panna. Aldan and Wina hustle back home and dispatch Dejal before he can do any real harm.

Aldan's next order of business is getting equipment for his mates. He ventures off to the Messy Zealous Catacomb. Here he finds numerous wishing wells, which by and large treat him well, dropping much gold and needed loot. Aldan then returns home to distribute his wealth, which his clanmates devour eagerly. While doing so, skeleton archers invade, but Aldan and Wina make short work of them.

To his dismay, Alden then discovered a note proving that his buddy Fully was working with the monsters and had even built a gate into town. Alden was angry, but in the end decided to give Fully one more chance - and watch him carefully.

Alden then resumed his questing. He was fortunate to discover Sent the demon hunter and Daisy the priest, both of whom accepted invitations to join the Jackals. The Jackals are now a strong 6 person clan - far stronger than the other three known clans. Alden continues to broaden his knowledge of the world and has gained enough experience to bring him to level 10. His party partner Wina has reached level 13. He still has no exceptional equipment, and has thus far eluded death. Next goals: more lands, more clans.

12-19-2015, 04:03 PM
I had some time this weekend so I decided to join the fun. I'm playing with patch 0.911. Numbers in parentheses are end notes, so I can comment without disrupting the story. (0)

Went out searching for Wina. Saw Kelly but left her alone. Judging by the loot around her, she might have defeated a boss. Wina reached level 2. I arrived too late to rescue wandering recruit Brady from Praxis the Warden, but defeated Praxis the Warden. (1) Went up and rescued Wina. Declined to recruit Sheathache. Fought a few more monsters. (2)

Went back to town and recruited Wina to the party. Went exploring and fought Con the Shadow, and was attacked by Dagna the spy in the middle of the fight. Managed to defeat her too. Accepted Killorís revenge quest to defeat Boneville the Beast. Found a secret area where Boneville was hiding. Defeated him easily and collected the treasure. (1) Defeated 4 or 5 named monsters. (2,1,2)

Ran into Kelly again and asked her to accompany me. Also met Order of the Moon. Entered Ferocious Jungle. Recruited Demon Hunter Fulbert. Found Briette and declined to recruit her. Found Murris and asked him to accompany me. Discovered Dragon Claw when they declared war on Order of the Moon. Discovered that the Horde had been destroyed. Arrived at the Scowling Den dungeon and Kelly departed. (1)(3)

Sometime in the middle of the Scowling Den, "A trap teleported Female Walking Undead somewhere else in the Messy Bearhold Grasslands." Also, Order of the Moon said ClanGoodFirstInsult3.

Found wandering recruit Bradman and left him there. Found Arian and left him there. Rescued Jarven which turned into an ambush. Gated home to get rid of Festering Death. Returned to Murris (since escorts can't follow through gates). Found a secret location: sanctuary. Found recruit Jenna. Left her there. (4) Murris got infected. A healing potion cured him (I think). Turned in a bunch of quests for Order of the Moon and formed a non aggression pact. Opened a treasure chest and was ambushed by four Mud Amorphs. Took a while to take them out. (5) Gated home to unshrink Fully.

Turned Level 6. Added whirlwind. Wina is about Level 11. (6) Murris was just standing in the dungeon. I had to click Escort NPC to get him to follow me.

0.9 FPS. Game is unplayable slow. Stopping. (7)

(0) I have a problem with low FPS in this game. This makes life tricky because by the time the mouse click registers, the monster has moved. I have reduced all of the graphics as much as possible. This has been a chronic problem, every time I play this game, and it's why I haven't played much. I'm running Windows 7 with 12 G RAM.
(1) FPS dropped to about 3.0.
(2) Game speed returned to normal. about 35 fps.
(3) Can you turn off the Escort menu during a fight? With my FPS mouse problem, I hit it more often than not. Also, can you add 'show destination' to the escort menu. I would like to know how far I'm going before I take them on.
(4) Is everybody else getting this many recruits? None of them had food skills so I didn't take them.
(5) Something odd happened to Murris. Heís running back and forth and bashing things, but I canít select him to see whatís going on. Can you add something that shows status defects for escorts when they have them? Also, he tends to get stuck in dungeons.
(6) At about this point, FPS dropped to 0.9. That meant I could see my character moving from square to square like a piece on a chessboard. Wina and Murris were killing the monsters while I was wrestling with the mouse pointer.
(7) Checked the system stats and Zombasite was using 445,268K of memory. Don't know how that compares to anybody else.

12-20-2015, 11:24 AM
Aldan continues on his adventure. He discovers the Fang clan in Kostandan, greeted by the lovely "Your clan sucks". Overcoming this first impression, Aldan eventually develops a good relationship with them, first gaining a non aggression pact and then a mutual protection pact. As far as other clan relationships go, Aldan also negotiated non aggression pacts and mutual protection pacts with Eternal Darkness, discovered the Sisterhood of Light in Ordor, made a non aggression pact with them, and discovered the final clan, Heart of Gold, in Blackrock. Aldan was sad to hear that monsters had wiped out his friends at the Dragon Claw clan.

In Jackal clan news, Aldan recruited Talbot the warrior to his party, Boyd the rogue, who also has fishing skills, and Gise the commoner, also with fishing skills, to his clan.

Ham, the clan's trapper, prided himself on his trapping skills, but this time it was Daisy, the seductive priest who was the expert trapper. She caught her man Ham, and now they are husband and wife.

Sent, being cruel and heartless, took an instant dislike to his new clanmate Boyd. They fought endlessly, and Sent, being significantly stronger, eventually killed poor Boyd. Aldan then decided that Sent's aggressive talents may be better used in his party rather than guarding the fort. He then added Sent (then at level 19) to his party and dismissed Talbot (then level 11).

Pesky clan hunters attacked Panna twice, but Aldan's party quickly dispatched them.

Aldan then recruited Brieda the commoner, with trapping skills, to replace Boyd in the clan. Unfortuately, shortly after joining, she contracted a stage 2 zombie infection. Aldan was very concerned. Brieda was eventually cured, but it took 18 of his precious health potions to do so.

Aldan's clan has had some issues, but overall he's pretty happy with his eight mates. He has reached level 15 and has not as yet felt the icy finger of death. His party companions Wina and Sent have reached levels 18 and 25 respectively. His clan is the most powerful. In terms of filled boxes on the power ranking screen: Jackals-21, Sisterhood of Light-11, Heart of Gold-6.5, Fang-3.5, Eternal Darkness-1.75, The Horde-1.5.

Aldan believes he has fully explored the world and is attempting an adventurer win. He has 27 quests to go.

12-21-2015, 01:09 PM
Ham, the clan's trapper, prided himself on his trapping skills, but this time it was Daisy, the seductive priest who was the expert trapper. She caught her man Ham, and now they are husband and wife.

In my game, Ham is married to Wina. :)

12-21-2015, 08:09 PM
Aldan set out to complete his final quests. He loaded up his empty vials with acid, for help with those particularly difficult dungeons. He rescued Mond, who then joined the Jackals. He also firmed up his relations with the other clans - he made a non aggression pact and then a mutual protection pact with Heart of Gold, a mutual protection pact with Sisterhood of Light, and finally Alliances with Eternal Darkness, the Horde, and SoL. Parra never experienced another attack after that.

When Aldan dismissed Talbot from the party, he asked Talbot to watch Fully for him. It turned out this was a wise move. Talbot caught Fully dealing with the monsters again, got fed up with Fully's disloyalty, and killed him.

Brieda's zombie infection was a shock to the clan - all of them had witnessed her struggle to regain health. She was never able to convince any of them that she was completely cured. The whole clan became paranoid - fearful that she would infect all of them. They all conspired against Brieda and banished her.

Aldan and his party made fairly quick work of the remaining quests. Thaden rewarded him with a unique Imp Slayer axe. Aldan was proud of his accomplishments, obtaining level 16, becoming the strongest clan, and avoiding the grim reaper. Aldan and his seven clan mates then opened the gate, walked out, and bid Parra a fond farewell.