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12-21-2015, 03:20 PM
For our 2nd shared adventure, we have Bud the Rogue playing in a tiny world.

To play: download the attached zip file, unzip the file, and put the 3 files into your chars directory, play that character for just that world, and then post your results.

Chars directory:
Win - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Zombasite/User
Linux - ~/.local/Zombasite/User

Post whatever you think is interesting: how you developed your character, interesting events, unfortunate deaths, what the other clans do, etc.

12-25-2015, 11:10 AM
Things were pretty uneventful until I was level 3 and caught zombasite 1 that quickly escalated to zombasite 2. It took several potions to shake it. I recruited Sauncer (ranger) and Teague (death knight). But Teague is a quartermaster, so I sent him home to help out with the gardening that was going on at home. But I quickly picked up Groverlangu to my party (priest), so I've got 2 good adventurers to watch my back.

I got a couple traitor quests in town to find who had let in a scout (but there was no scout attack -- am I still getting crossover of other town quests in the .12 patch?) -- EDITED -- oops I may not have INSTALLED the patch. That would help! and so there's 2 traitor find evidence quests and I can't find the evidence, and there was no attack and food is piling up so who's poisoning what?

Ended the night at L6 and only spent skill points on the treasure skill.... been one-shotting a lot of critters, but I haven't gone too far yet. Lots of quests satisfied, unpetrified the other clan member, so I have a relatively healthy clan right now except 1 of the traitor quests expired, and the other is still open regarding the scout....dunno....

12-26-2015, 09:38 AM
Bud was always getting into trouble as a kid, so the life of a rogue seemed like a natural one for him, so he and his two troublemaker buddies Olin and Low called themselves the Nightshades. How they ended up in Sanbrook is still a little fuzzy, as is how that idiot Low managed to get himself petrified - and what? he has madness too? Bud angrily mutters that if he didn't need Low's sorry butt to get out of this mess it'd serve him right if he left him like that. Luckily the cure for both was in the very first area.

Rescued Nadine but she turned out to be Rice the spy - Rice the deceased spy now.

Bud realized the gravity of his task when he saw how many bodies needed to be recovered just in the Expanded Jungle of Storms (2).

It took Bud until level 5, but he finally got Low cured of both petrification and madness. Bud then decided that Low may be too much of a liability in the party and left him to guard the fort.

Talinda is taunting Bud and he's getting annoyed.

Discovered the Eviscerators in Ulftis. Bud didn't get the warmest of greetings, but remained optimistic about gaining their friendship. Sure enough, a few minutes later they offered Nightshades a non aggression pact.

Discovered Fang in the Expanding Jungles (6). Bud got a much warmer reception this time, which didn't last long since they apparently had a problem with Nightshades dealing with the Eviscerators. This may become problematic as Bud just got a mutual protection pact with them.

Rescued Gret, a demon hunter, who presumptuously joined the clan without being asked.

Bud got a mysterious message about the Reptilian Terror wiping out the Frenzy. Who are these guys? Never heard of either one.

After getting mericilessly verbally abused by Talinda, Bud had enough and goes after her in the Expanding Jungles (5). She messed with the wrong rogues. Bud and Olin take care of her without breaking a sweat.

Recruited Bole, a ranger with flaming arrow, to the party. Unfortunately, he hasn't found a bow to his liking yet, so his skills are going to waste at the moment.

Bud received another mysterious note about the Order of the Moon being eliminated by monsters. Never heard of them either.

Ah! Now we know who the Reptilian Terror are. Met them in the Expanding Jungle of Berries (4), and found their home in Marlo.

Fang *really* don't like the Eviscerators - Several times Fang calls on Bud to break his treaty with the Eviscerators. Bud decides that since both clans are weaker than his, he can wait and see how this plays out. He finds out quickly - Eviscerators cancels all pacts with Nightshades.

Accepted a non aggression pact with the Reptilian Terror, and Eviscerators reconsider and renew their non aggression pact.

Zombie parasites keep invading Sanbrook. Bud is concerned.

Discovered the Demon Spears in the Expanding Jungle of Berries (4). Not warmly welcomed, but their 3.25 power rating puts no fear into Bud, with his 21 power rating.

Bud picks up a stage 1 zombie infection in Expanding Jungle of Berries (4), but cures it relatively easily with only three health potions.

Fang declares war on Nightshades. Bud decides he's taken enough crap from these guys. He raids successfully and gains 16 food.

After the raid, Bud is level 9 with 4 clanmates, and is a long way from any victory condition. His power rating of 21 is best (boxes filled in), with Reptilian Terror second at 8.

12-26-2015, 12:02 PM
So funny, I assume if I'm rescuing someone they're ALREADY part of my clan -- I mean why would I be running around putting my neck on the line for complete strangers? lol Which is why it annoyed me that I'd go through the trouble of rescuing someone and them just fade away and disappear. Like "HEY, where you going? Am I gonna have to rescue your donkey again later?"

But it might be better if we get the normal ask moment when we rescue them. Like "Take into clan" vs. "Send on their way."

For a tiny world it took a LONG time to find other clans -- that may have been because I was on the wrong patch at first. I think they're adventuring more now (per the .912 patch change log).

I ended at level 10 last night with a dozen or so clanmates. Some strangers aren't showing their skills when I click on them -- so I just don't adopt them. I also have been letting people without homemaking skills go by the wayside. I have a couple trappers and butchers, a fisherman, a couple farmers, a quartermaster, some weaponmakers with other skills like cooking, etc.

A couple just got married, several people are at 200 happiness -- unprecedented --and we're hovering near the rationing line in food production. Someone was causing problems in town, I just let them go. Bye.

The 2 people in my party are on notice for having no other useful skills other than adventuring, but they're helpful with ranged attacks and buffs -- so I've kept them around. And they've curiously never gotten zombie infections where I have several times. Hey, if they're extra-resilient, I'll keep em.

12-26-2015, 06:32 PM
<do over, since I hadn't installed 0.912...and since I felt inspired, here's the re-beginning of Bud's adventure for the 2nd go-around>

I would do anything for my buddy Low, so I packed my things -- all my worldly possessions -- and I got ready to go into the Expanding Jungles of Storms. Olin reminded me to keep an eye out for food, and his words of caution kept ringing through my ears. I only had me, my stealth, a trusty knife and some potions we managed to find under my parent's floorboards. The zombie virus had claimed everyone else from the village. It was just the three of us. We'd been stupid -- or maybe smart given the circumstances -- to get ourselves locked in jail for trying to rob the local moneychanger. Being in jail is what saved us when the virus ravaged the village. When food didn't come for 2 days, we got creative. And skinny. Very skinny. That's how we were able to reach the wire that helped Olin pick his cell door lock.

After dispatching dozens of zombies, crying our eyes out for a few days over our lost families, and gathering together everything we could find that was useful -- we discovered we only had a couple days food at best. Low accidentally triggered a trap in one of the houses and got himself petrified. Who knows what other goodies are hidden in our town -- but I digress.

So I stepped up and touched the gate. It was like a child's game, running up to touch the "gate" for safety when playing Witches & Warriors. Only this time I was going through.

I crouched down as soon as I appeared, trying to make myself small and unseen. A couple Torva were pacing nearby, and I could see the glow of more critters not far away. I had to take one of these Torva out -- besides I had to take their horns to the town to cure Low. I dispatched the first quickly, and before I had a moment for regret for having killed a living creature the second one spotted me, so I had to take him on face-to-face. For a moment I hesitated, and he hit me. The pain brought me back to the present. Bruised rib, that's gonna smart. I neatly gutted the monster, and bent down to touch their horns, and they disappeared. That's how it goes in these parts...tag you're It.

I crouched down again and peered through the foliage into a nearby clearing. There's a campfire and a house beyond it. But around the fire are 2 creatures that are glowing in themselves, in spite of the fire. I'd heard of such things. Creatures who had taken so many lives that the power lights them from inside. One was a skeleton, tall and intimidating. I'd heard whispers of him: Bleakabomination the Tempest. He was closest to me. And the one tending the fire -- a large imp with a crossbow. My village wanted that one dead. Picaro the Fire Warden.

I knew I'd have to suck it up and take them on if I was going to get anywhere.... I hefted my knife carefully and when Bleakabomination had his back to me I leaped out, hacking at the place where his skull met his spine. Of course in all this commotion, Picaro heard me and turned around. I took a few blows with the skeleton thrashing at me, but managed to unhook his head from his shoulders and off it went, the bones falling to a heap on the ground.

I squared off against Picaro, but he was too smart. He leveled his crossbow at me, so I had to leap over the fire to get at him. A bolt grazed me, but I started taking chunks of flesh off him. Smart bugger, he's running around the fire, and I'm trying to chase him. Every time he backs up, he's trying to shoot at me. And I don't want to chase him off into the woods and make a racket, attracting everything. What good is being stealthy if you wake the whole forest?

I manage to lure him closer to the fire. And I''m not sure how I managed to do it, but I got close enough to stab him deep and good. The warm goo washed over my hands, and his warm body collapsed and started twitching -- so I squelched my revulsion, and started wiping my hands off on the grass. That's when I spotted the things that Picaro and Bleakabomination dropped. A cloth belt, a couple skeleton keys, a map, a vial of black liquid, and a shield.

It then washed over me. The realization that I had just taken on one of my clan's enemies -- and defeated him! I felt a rush of extreme confidence pour over me, and I felt so good my wounds no longer hurt me. I knew I had to be careful with the rushes of power that would come over people -- I wouldn't want to be a glowing monster in the woods. But BOY did that feel great. I inspected myself quickly -- and indeed I wasn't hurt anywhere near as much as I had thought. A smille lit my face, and I faded back into the shadows.

12-26-2015, 11:39 PM
(FPS wavers between 3 and 15. A little choppy, but not nearly as bad as it was before patch 0.912. Then again, I didn't spend a long time in the dungeon, where it tends to really get bad.)

My clan apparently has very bad luck with hunting parties: there are 6 clan bodies to be recovered and 2 graves to be decorated.

Recruited Leda who has painting and mining.

I was killed by Patierne the smuggler (got healing potion hotkeys mixed up). (I was killed several times by different people. Why I don't play hardcore. :) )

Low has a Farming skill which is listed as Other (rather than Food). Also, it might help to say 'produces food occasionally' rather than just '+50% to starting food'.

I escorted Oakley to the False Cavern. Unfortunately, he stumbled over a poison trap and was killed before we reached level 2.

Low is earning his keep as a farmer. He generates food every few minutes.

Added Shuriken and Stealth skills, which drastically changed my fighting style.

I defeated Warded Sarah (The log says Sarah (wandering recruit) died). Then she turned into a Death Knight and I killed her again.

Leda and Low got married.

I was adventuring with the Reptilian Terrors. Then I solved quests for Order of the Moon, and Reptilian Terrors stopped adventuring with me. My minion and theirs disappeared, but their critter’s health bar remained on the left side of the screen for the rest of the game. (They probably shouldn't take my minion too. I think she was listed second.)

I killed Deathscum the fire warded (amorph) and managed to hide (stealth) before his halves appeared. (Very useful bug/feature).

I was aiming for a monster, missed, and killed a barrel with Death Blow. The poison cloud appeared on schedule.

I was walking along and fell down to Caustic Grotto level 3.

I sneaked into a cave full of screes and tried to sneak back out again, but was spotted. They charged me, then an ambush hit. I was fully expecting to die (again) when a sparkling arilynvia avatar arrived. She killed all of the monsters and then went after me. I managed to duck around a corner and hide (stealth) so she went after more monsters. (Are avatars on my side or not?)

12-27-2015, 09:07 AM
Another pair of mystery messages that the Guardians and Eternal Darkness have been destroyed. Never got to meet them. That leaves only three rival clans: the Eviscerators, Reptilian Terror, and Demon Spears. Bud is very confident in Nightshades' position, since his closest rival, the Reptilian Terror, now only has a power rating of 3.5.

Bud was somewhat dismayed that his escort Oakley would not use a lifestone after he gave him a vitality potion, and had difficulty keeping up with the rest of the party.

Bud finally got Oakley delivered to False Caverns lvl 2, when suddenly a 15 minute timer begins and Bud discovers that a summoning ritual is underway. Bud and his crew hustle around trying to destroy all of the summoning candles before time runs out - no mean feat in a dungeon filled with sand amorphs. Bud also had to make a quick trip to town to dump his completely full inventory, but came right back, hacked his way through dozens of amorphs and finally destroyed the last candle with only a minute or so to spare. Bud, Olin, and Bole heaved a sigh of relief.

Bud was confused by the clan screen showing that additional quests were available in False Caverns lvl 2 when there were none (see attached picture).

Gret and Low must have been doing other things back home besides guarding the fort, because now they are married. Bud congratulates his old friend.

Demon Spears had the gall to declare war on Nightshades. Bud and company decide to put them out of their misery, and pick up 34 food in the process. Now there are only two rival clans - maybe they will think more clearly than Demon Spears.

Bud suffered his first death in the Caustic Grotto lvl 2 after multiple ambushes opened up almost all at once, and elemental damage rained down. Fortunately, no one else in the party was killed.

Bud and his party easily held off an adder naga raid.

Eviscerators were foolish enough to raid Sanbrook. Without serious effort, Nightshades quickly eliminated them and liberated 19 food. And then there was one...

With only one weak clan left, Bud opted to spend 1.35 silver for an alliance with the Reptilian Terror, which ended his journey to Sanbrook, and gave him a reward of crafting items. Bud finished at level 12, with 4 clan members (no one else was deemed worthy of membership), and one death. He took his buddies Olin and Low, along with Low's bride Gret, his new friend Bole, and headed off for another adventure.

12-28-2015, 03:19 PM
I was fully expecting to die (again) when a sparkling arilynvia avatar arrived. She killed all of the monsters and then went after me. I managed to duck around a corner and hide (stealth) so she went after more monsters. (Are avatars on my side or not?)

There are good and evil gods, so it depends on who's avatar it is. Arilynvia is a good god. I think there is still a bug that makes the good avatars attack the player sometimes though.

12-28-2015, 03:22 PM
Bud was confused by the clan screen showing that additional quests were available in False Caverns lvl 2 when there were none (see attached picture).

Probably a ghost revenge quest, a quest from a monster, or an optional quest from a member of your clan.

12-30-2015, 01:04 PM
I haven't had too much time to play this one yet. I did have a long drawn out fight with Tia the Fanatic, where near the end of the battle I broke my sword and had to finish her weaponless.

01-01-2016, 01:13 AM
The adventure continues.

I was killed several times in the Caustic Grotto and defeated several monsters. Once when I was sneaking through the caverns, a zombie dark elf hit me with several spells before spotting me. Also, towers seem to ignore Stealth.

I recruited commoners Edmund and Pollip and a few more people with foraging skills.

Oland (wandering recruit) decided that my town was a good place to wander. He wasn't worth recruiting so I left him alone.

Kendell and Luana got married. Their last name shows up when they're wandering and on their NPC screens, but not on the clan info screen.

Reptilian Terror wiped out the Guardians. I noticed six destroyed clans on the relation screen, and saw that there were still undiscovered clans. So I went out to look for the missing ones. I explored the perimeters of about 6 areas before stumbling across Fang in the far west corner. Then I introduced them to Reptilian Terror and went off questing again.

When I was in Caustic Grotto level 4, the FPS was around 1.0. I don't know why dungeons get that slow, but they tend to. Also, items bounce twice at this speed. I noticed that when I'm fighting a human they have a title (Winfred the Pirate), but when they die, the log says wandering recruit.

I was in the Caustic Grotto some time later when Reptilian Terror invaded my town. I raced back to the gate and to the town, and then led my forces against the invaders. We defeated the invasion and that was the end of Reptilian Terror. I noticed that Fang only had 2 members, so led a raid on their town and wiped them out too.

I got a medium reward chest for a Military victory.

I never know when to quit, so I went back down to the Caustic Grotto to finish a few quests and got myself and Olin killed. I snuck in and collected my soulstone and ended the area.

01-05-2016, 01:54 PM
I actually got a Logistics win on this world. I never found any NPCs I liked so it was just me and my original 2. We destroyed a few of the other clans for their food. :)