View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.912

12-21-2015, 07:12 PM
NPC created item no longer center printed
NPCs no longer talk about NPCs outside of your clan
improved Viper Venom effect
sped up spreading fire stuff by not sending unnecessary entities across network (test went from 48fps to 74fps)
fixed another way that clan relations could degrade before they even met
other clans now adventure more
made it easier for clans to find other clan bases
made it easier for clans to find connections to other levels
clans start out knowing other clans that are in direct neighboring levels
now show item level when crafting (and when the level is at the current max)
changed default music level to 0.75
now all dynamic music combines together to get overall intensity
now dynamic music ramps up a little faster
now dynamic music ramps down a lot faster
fixed objects spawned in at the edges of levels sometimes not getting pushed back to a valid open spot correctly (Mithur)

12-22-2015, 06:46 PM
now get optional individual quests directly from the NPCs in question
added graphics options to turn off UI element blinking
improved frost nova, combustion, and critical strike effects
oil of purification now has other uses (purposely keeping this spoiler free :)
now SpawnSystem::addMonster tries a couple extra monster levels
escort quests are now P3 since they aren't optional
fixed getting duplicate restore house quests
no longer get stopped raiding messages if you have met either of the clans
effects entities can now be purged
added short skill list thing to NPCs list on hunting, foraging, and raiding screens
foraging can no longer give you potions that are too high level for the player to use (Tuidjy)
Death Knight recruits should deal with buffs better (Tuidjy)