View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.913

12-29-2015, 06:53 PM
other clans no longer adventure in their own town unless town under attack
farming now counts as a food skill
fixed CanOnlySellGuardsToGuardVendor translation (Tuidjy)
now quests that target someone you kick out of the clan are automatically failed (Crisses)
improved jab, sleight of hand, shuriken, and gouge effects
improved gem power a lot (Tuidjy)
Gouge, Daze, and Feint skills will now walk you into range if necessary
smoothed effects some especially with lower fps
improved prayer, smoke screen, daze, and concentrations effects
fixed max level on special rooms/secret areas (Tuidjy)
fixed some items having a level requirement higher than 100 (Tuidjy)
no longer get free recruit menu when clicking on ghost that already gave you quest (Crisses)
made several more event messages not go to log
now gift chests from clan members always show up in town (Tuidjy)
recruitable NPCs should be capped at level 100 now (Tuidjy)
now quests icons have priority over chat icons on world map (Crisses)

12-30-2015, 07:25 PM
improved holy bolt and sleight of hand effects
Nemesis now causes more trouble (+50%), uses more tactics (+100%), and taunts more (+50%)
no longer announce boss overthrow stuff unless player quest
now only get promotion taunts if monster is from one of your quests
now shared adventures are stopped better
NPC extra projectiles will now home (Lan)
no longer show alteration numbers on items that can't be altered (gem slots added) (DrJoeFitz)
hopefully fixed a problem with NPC traitor starting a quest but the quest goes to another clan (Crisses)
added another NPC out of town health bar on screen for when have kidnapped NPC and full hunting party out (Tuidjy)
fixed crafting on guards not using correct level (ScrObot/Tuidjy)
fixed crafting on relics not using correct level (only fixes new items) (ScrObot/Tuidjy)
fixed an issue with NPC dialog chances
know it all, gossip, talkative, opinionated, big mouth, out going, and assertive NPC personalities now chat more
aloof, anti-social, secretive, guarded, introverted, quiet, and shy NPC personalities now chat less
increased desired monster range to -5 to 3 levels possible difference (was -4 to 2)
Savage Strike now teleports you to enemy before attack (Forevener)
prefix is no longer used in activitiy dialog
fixed gems not taking effect right away sometimes
fixed a bug allowing the player to damage good avatars
fixed a couple problems picking a new Nemesis