View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.914

01-05-2016, 06:51 PM
updated copyright dates
improved fire strike, fiery bolt, and unholy strike effects
fixed a typo in one of the clan insults (Caal)
fixed name not showing up correctly when searching for an escort quest position (Caal)
no longer get "Can't show really long messages" message on title screen (Caal)
fixed RelationChangeSharedAdventureSuccess translation (Crisses)
decreased chance of clan compliments and insults towards player clans
added a button to show you where an escort wants to be escorted to (Roswitha)
fixed CantAffordEnemySearch translation
fixed playing combat effects on projectile hits
now NPC last names on clan info screen update properly when they get married
wandering recruits no longer attack other wandering recruit's pets
now palm and banana trees sway with the wind
fixed a problem with NPCs sometimes not showing the correct skill levels
fixed an issue with removing curses on items
fixed quake strike cracks not sorting correctly (Taolaen)
now highlighting defense on a recruit shows you the recruit's defense numbers instead of the player's (Tuidjy)
guards can now be placed in stashes (ScrObot)

01-06-2016, 07:15 PM
improved fireball, ring of fire, and fire sweep effects
added # of child quests spawned to quest text so could get a better idea of how much an enemy is bothering everything
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 37
avatar's now have name displayed so you know who they represent
avatar names are now color coded (green for gold and red for evil)
all chests now have quite a bit of poison resistance (ScrObot)
changed disarm chances from a linear chance to more of a bell curve (Cadre Cola)
fixed clan starting relations starting lower than they are supposed to and not having any randomness to it
fixed a couple clans not complimenting more than others like they are supposed to
fixed compliments and insults not changing clans relations correctly
fixed not being able to select NPCs on NPC location screen sometimes
now clans have a much better chance of making allies
now ai clans share their contacts with other ai clans that they have a mutual protection pact or alliance with
fixed a collision issue in dungeonBlackDeath.ara (Tuidjy)
less things should spawn near gates now (Throwback)
now equipment can't use X is yellow if it is temporary (level or attributes too low) (ScrObot)
quests can now only steal or poison food supplies if they have breached the town walls (ScrObot)
now free search for enemies because they taunted you doesn't require you to have the quest
fixed infection only partially carrying over to a new world (ScrObot)
ai clan/area knowledge is no longer updated every frame
now need line of sight to discover other clans (ScrObot)

01-07-2016, 07:45 PM
improved arrow and flaming arrow effects
fixed not getting an Arch-Nemesis when near difficulty max levels (ScrObot)
Targ frenzy now lasts 30 seconds (instead of 10)
zombie infection on recruits now loads correctly (Tuidjy)
fixed infection not limiting NPC regen correctly
NPCs on rest and relation now have higher chance of doing positive hapiness/reputation activities
turned off gravestone reputation change since not used
made Arcane Essence much more likely to be successful and if not it now plays a failure sound (ScrObot/Crisses)
no longer get pickup sounds when clicking on items when dead (ScrObot)
food highlight text on NPC menu is a little more useful now (ScrObot)
made Logistics win message a little more clear that reward is a NPC (ScrObot)
NPCs no longer cast buffs on clan bulleting board (ScrObot)