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01-08-2016, 06:12 PM
For our 3rd shared adventure, we have Bron the hardcore Gladiator/Dark Templar playing in a tiny world.

To play: download the attached zip file, unzip the file, and put the 3 files into your chars directory, play that character for just that world, and then post your results.

Chars directory:
Win - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Zombasite/User
Linux - ~/.local/Zombasite/User

Post whatever you think is interesting: how you developed your character, interesting events, unfortunate deaths, what the other clans do, etc.

01-09-2016, 12:04 AM
Bron was a bold young adventurer, fresh out of Adventurer College, when he went into the woods alone. He had a long scroll of quests to pursue and a pencil behind his ear so he could check them off. He was quite overconfident.

He had barely gotten his sword bloody when he ran into a fine young lad, Brad, screaming his head off into the woods. Bron slays the critters pursuing poor Brad, and offers to rescue him -- but it was all a cruel ruse. Brad turned into Flash the Giant FlameThrowing Goblin (level 13 in the first area). Bron, being a smart enough lad and having paid attention avidly in his classes, ran back through the gate quicker than you can say Hardcore.

He spent a moment gathering his wits. He could take the town gate back out, and give wide berth to this area. But there were many quests he needed beyond this patch of forest near the town. The gate would save him some time getting up there. He didn't have to beat Flash, he just had to escape notice, or run away quickly enough.

So through the gate Bron went, running north from the gate until the brambles kept him from running farther. He flanked the wall of brambles looking for a break or opening. He found the next area, but it was too overrun with monsters. Yet another close brush with doom convinced Bron to be a little more conservative.

[I think I made it to level 6 with Bron. But if I hadn't seen that Flash the Giant Flamethrowing Goblin was level 13, I would have died level 1 lol]

Deadtaint gave Bron his first real brush with the zombasite virus. It took 2 precious potions to cure in.

He decided to stick to the quests closer to home and began feverishly running about in the woods, checking items off his To Do list. He rescued people for his clan, and adopted a few into his party.

When he squared off with Fasttail the Bullseye and won, he was amazed. His clan's arch-nemesis was gone!

Then he wandered into another area close to town, and there was a rogue -- after a fierce battle and many brushes with death, Bron was stunned and slaughtered by the rogue.

-- died level 6. Would have died level 1 if I hadn't looked at the level of Flash the Giant Goblin Flamethrower dude....

01-09-2016, 01:20 AM
The FPS was a little better. It was around 5 or 6 most of the time. I noticed that if I alt-tab out and take a break for 15 minutes, it’s up to normal speed when I come back. For a while. Then it drops again.

Is there a hotkey for giving a minion a potion? It's hard to do it with a mouse at low FPS.

I was running around killing monsters. Got to a border between areas. The game hung and then crashed. It restored about a minute earlier.

I was fighting a boss in the middle of a bunch of dead bodies. They kept getting in the way. I would try to click on the boss and get one of the corpses.

I was wandering with Line (warrior) and she had stage 2 zombasite. We ran into a boss and a bunch of skeletons. They started to get the better of us. I had about a quarter health left and she was down to about an eighth. I started to run but knew I wouldn’t make it. So I used the teleport stone. We both arrived in town to discover a boss attacking the health stone. He killed Line immediately. She rose as a zombie and they both took me out. I watched them hammer at the healthstone from the dead screen. Not sure how I missed the town attack, but I did.

I think I was level 5.

Why I don't play hardcore. :)

01-09-2016, 08:23 AM
Started this adventure (will post story later) but ran into an escort quest where I couldn't talk to the person to be escorted. Saved game attached.

01-09-2016, 08:26 AM
Is there a hotkey for giving a minion a potion? It's hard to do it with a mouse at low FPS.

Yes. F1 for first minion in list, F2 for second, etc.

01-09-2016, 11:09 AM
Unlike his bretheren Bud and Aldan, Bron was not blessed with the ability to recover from death, so he knew his challenge would be particularly difficult. His mate Adolph had been rendered useless due to petrification, so he recruited Lucia to his party and off they went on their adventure. No sooner had they reached the Rotten Woods of Spiders when they saw Brad waiting to be rescued. Unfortunately, as soon as Brad was rescued, they discovered to their dismay that Brad was actually Inferno the Terror. Inferno was very powerful and killed poor Lucia almost instantly. Bron now had to face Inferno all by himself. He makes very little progress, but he kills a few other monsters in the vicinity and gets himself up to level 2, and puts a point into foul strike. As he come back for Inferno, Bron turns around and sees that Lucia has come back as a Tempest. Holy crap! (that's not the actual word Bron used, but this is a family forum). He wails away at Lucia, finally putting her to rest. Staying close to the waypoint, and using his new skill, he slowly whittles away at Inferno, jumping back to town several times to recharge his health to save his few health potions. Finally, Inferno is defeated. Bron takes a deep breath and thinks about what he must do to survive. He not only has no useful clanmates, he has another serious disadvantage - he now has both apathy and witherpox. Bron remembers that there were three other people in the Rotten Woods that needed rescuing - maybe one of them would help save him. Bron rescues Gemily and Kincolme who both join Trident. Bron invites Gemily, a warrior, to his party.

No sooner does Kincolme get settled in at Pranvos when he gets poisoned. Bron now has 56 minutes to find a cure in a mysterious land he has not yet discovered. Kincolme ends up saving Bron the trouble - poisoning has apparently made him very unhappy and he leaves town on his own, although the quest is still active. Since Kincolme abandoned Trident, Bron decides his cure is no longer a priority. Bron finds a wandering vendor with health potions and stocks up.

Discovered the Eviscerators in Trenkra - not receiving a warm and fuzzy reception.

Bron is starting to feel better about his chances - he rescues Hogan the priest, who brings his Hardiness buff to the clan, and finds Broone the rougue in the field who agrees to join Bron's party. Now, on to get rid of those debuffs - Bron and friends enter the Gigantic Prairie 3 for the zombie sprite tails, and then move on to Gigantic Prairie 2 for bone hunter skulls. Bron and company cure their apathy and witherpox debuffs. While traveling through GP2, Bron meets Ava, who he is supposed to escort, but he can't talk to her (posted this issue).

Bron negotiated with the Eviscerators for access to the Frenzy and Reptilian Terror clans, and subsequently, made non aggression pacts with both of them. Bron ended up with more money from solving already completed quests with these new clans than he paid the Eviscerators for access. Bron was feeling pretty good about his negotiating skills.

Clan wars erupt in earnest. Eviscerators declare war on Trident for doing quests for Frenzy, then they proceed to wipe out Frenzy. A few minutes later Bron gets a message that Reptilian Terror eliminates the Eviscerators (Bron does not shed any tears for those guys). Right after that Bron receives another message that Reptilian Terror had been destroyed by Order of the Moon, a clan Bron hasn't yet met.

Bron still has Kilcolme's clock ticking down and hasn't got much else to do now with nobody else to talk to, so he finds the Damned Crypt level 3 under Gigantic Prairie 5 and snares two ears from zombie imp archers for the cure. Bron hopes Kilcolme appreciates this gesture, and wishes him well.

After Bron defeats a skeleton scout back at camp, Bron sets his next goals: cure Adolph, get some new clan members (preferably 1 or 2 with good food gathering skills. Food isn't a problem yet, but you never know when it might become one), and try to find other clans to exploit.. er.. be friends with.

Bron heads over to GP1 to collect trophies from orc shamen for Adolph's cure. Completing that, Bron finds Thomeo, a ranger with trapping skills. Bron sends out Thomeo, Adolph, and Hogan as his first hunting party to the Rotten Wood of Spiders due to its 200% trapping bonus, and they bring back 20 food.

Oh no! Now Bron's partymate, Broone, is poisoned and Bron has 50 minutes to cure him - back to the Damned Crypt we go... The quest is in DC4, but Bron already has the DC3 gate, so hopefully this won't be too bad, and it isn't. With plenty of time left Bron finishes the quest and Broone is as good as new.

With adequate food now, Bron decides to go exploring. He locates Angorith, where he discovers the Nightwatch clan. They seem weak, with a power ranking of 3. On the other side of the Rotten Woods of Spiders, he locates Greenwood, now devoid of life.

To be continued...

01-09-2016, 11:33 PM
I unzipped the character file into the same directory and tried again. The map was still intact, even though I overwrote all three files. Reset Fog of War only reset the area I was currently in.

I did considerably worse the next time (or two) so gave up on this one for now.

01-09-2016, 11:52 PM
The map is a separate file. I zip up all the files for the character, move them elsewhere, then unzip.

01-10-2016, 11:09 AM
I unzipped the character file into the same directory and tried again. The map was still intact, even though I overwrote all three files. Reset Fog of War only reset the area I was currently in.

I did considerably worse the next time (or two) so gave up on this one for now.

I managed to get to level 12, clear the level with a Diplomatic win -- it's the FIRST TIME I ever raided other tribes. I'm sure they'll love me if I were to go to the next game. I had a 3-way alliance, and we wiped out everyone else. I only had maybe 20 quests to go on an Adventurer Win, which is usually how I do it but the 1 clan who wasn't getting with the Allies program decided to invade me. So I invaded them back, after I saw that getting rid of them ensured a win because they were causing problems with everyone.

Instead of posting a blow-by-blow here on this re-do, I put my problems in the patch thread. They shouldn't be related to the character build.

This is an interesting combo. I decided to wait til level 2 to get any skills this time and went for higher-level weapon skills, and I made sure to always have 2 adventurers with me when possible. When someone caused problems at home, I banished them -- even if they had good skills. It's all about culture. lol

01-10-2016, 01:17 PM
Bron continues to explore. He is currently level 9. He moves north of Trenkra where the Eviscerators were, to Foss, only to find it in ruins also. While passing through Gigantic Prairie (GP) 3, Broone picks up a stage 2 zombie infection. It takes 9 health potions to cure him. North of Foss, Bron finds the town of Connar, where the Order of the Moon reside.

While traveling through the Gigantic Plains of Mana (GPM) 8, Gemily was killed by a fanatic. Saddened but undaunted, Bron brings Adolph into his party.

Thomeo got poisoned. Bron rushed back to GPM8 where the party got enough wampir body parts to cure him. After the cure, Thomeo began fighting with Hogan almost all the time, so Bron brought Thomeo into the party in place of Adolph in hopes of bringing peace to Pranvos.

Trident's food supply became poisoned. Bron's crew hastily found the needed items to relieve the situation. Bron resumed exploring, determined to find the remaining clan(s). Connecting through GP4, he located Bellery, which to his dismay was also destroyed. But, south of Bellery was Andervos, where Bron met the Heart of Gold, who introduced Bron to their ally, Nemesis. Now all the clans are known. Bron assesses their strength - his clan has a power rating of 21, Nemesis 20, Order of the Moon 13, Heart of Gold 9.5, and Nightwatch 3. Turning in previously completed quests for these new clans brings Bron up to level 12. Bron will need to keep a watchful eye on Nemesis. The newly discovered clans also provided over a dozen new quests in GP7. Bron and his folks cleaned up several of these quests quickly, bringing the total quests needed for an adventurer victory down to 15. Bron had been concerned about the escort quest he could not get, but he received a message that the quest was now obsolete. Bron also finds a friendly potion vendor in GP7 and again buys as many health and zombie resist potions as he can afford.

Hogan does not seem to be able to stay out of fights with anyone. Bron is no expert, but he guesses that because Hogan is miserable, judgmental, paranoid and aggressive, he has interpersonal relationship issues. Eventually, Hogan started one too many fights and Adolph killed him. Having little other choice, Bron recruited Estheristine, a warrior with no combat skills, to replace Hogan. She will be used in the party to allow Thomeo to stay in Pranvos. This will hopefully protect Trident's only member with food gathering skills.

Bron pushes on to complete the final quests, which includes diffusing bombs for Heart of Gold. After knocking off desert saurian mages in DC3, Bron completes his adventure in Pranvos, and receives Goreblade, a unique two handed sword for his trouble. He finishes at level 14, and despite having only 4 other clan members, his clan is the strongest with a 21 power rating, with Nemesis at 16, Order of the Moon at 11, Heart of Gold at 6, and Nightwatch at 3.