View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.915

01-13-2016, 07:04 PM
improved blinding flash, tornado, circle of power, disease cloud, blight, flaming arrow, bolt of gloom, volcano, blood rage, circle of protection, ball lightning, necro bolt, magic armor, bolt of gloom, shatter, and thrown oil effects
Inferno damage now shows an effect when it damages
fixed a clan compliment typo (bubicus)
fixed being able to start level 100 world at level 1 (Lan)
fixed champion & elite difficulty highlight text (Lan)
fixed Spooky chanting typo (Caal)
fixed a typo in Zombie Fire Thrower description (Smogg)
now other clans can have demon hunters and death knights
fixed a clan member count issue
doubled recruiter clan trait bonus (Demon Spears and Nightwatch)
Heart of Gold and Sisterhood of Light now insult less
now get less food when destroying Inferno, The Scourge, or The Horde (they can eat anything)
now get more food from Order of the Moon (they are good hunters)
Eternal Darkness now have even better guards
fixed darkness and bright level modifiers
Eternal Darkness area is now much darker
fixed a clan insult typo
increased other clans' random recruit chance from 0.0083 to 0.01
fixed some NPCs in other clans not gaining experience correctly
fixed a few clan adventuring issues so that other clans adventure much more often
fixed clans not updating their level correctly
The Horde now has the recruiter trait
The Scourge and The Horde now have tougher gates
adventurous clans now get way more combat experience
made Collecter, Lucky, and Financial clan traits much better

01-14-2016, 07:12 PM
improved crushing blow, skeleton arrow, critical hit, deadly hit, fireball, deep wounds, and poison bolt effects
now show war tip on clan icon highlight when raiding
increased recruit chances for Demon Spears
dark elves in Eternal Darkness now always start at higher rarities
fixed a way that NPCs in your clan could get into fights with NPCs in other clans
now non-human NPCs in clans can fight each other
Dragon Claw and Reptilian Terror areas are now stormy
Eviscerators area is now rainy
Sisterhood of Light area is now bright
Reptilian Terror now start more rumors
Fang now sabotage more
dark elves in Eternal Darkness now fight each other more
NPCs in Frenzy will no longer fight each other to death
now much easier to get treaties with Guardians
now Heart of Gold rewards twice as much gold for solved quests than other clans
Demon Spears can now raid with larger groups
fixed a possibility of raid gates spawning outside of target level
Fang now have a chance of spawning their raid gate within enemy clan's walls
now an alliance with Mystic Brotherhood gives you access to attribute reallocation
Nemesis now offers gambling