View Full Version : [BUG] ally attacked my NPC

01-14-2016, 08:28 PM
I was allied with Sisterhood of Light and Frenzy vs. Eternal Darkness. The SoL declared war against Eternal Darkness, so Frenzy and my clan did, too.

I created a raid gate and sent my raid party through. We killed all nearby ED members, so I decided to attack the healthstone.

No members of my clan, SoL, nor Frenzy attacked the healthstone except one, who I assume was SoL's hero. The two of us ht it until it was destroyed.

As soon as the healthstone was destroyed, the SoL member attacked one of my NPCs! No other SoL member did, though. My NPC did not defend herself, either.

I hit "Save and Exit" as soon as I saw this happen, and I copied the save files so I could see it yourself, but when I resumed the game after copying, all NPCs were gone! My raid party was at the upper corner of ED's town and not coming towards me. I was all alone, and when I regrouped my party and approached SoL and Frenzy NPCs, there was no more fighting.

I have uploaded the save and log files anyway.