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01-29-2016, 06:27 PM
For our 6th shared adventure, we have Erich the hardcore Sorcerer / Druid playing in a small world.

To play: download the attached zip file, unzip the file, and put the 4 files into your chars directory, play that character for just that world, and then post your results.

Chars directory:
Win - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Zombasite/User
Linux - ~/.local/Zombasite/User

Post whatever you think is interesting: how you developed your character, interesting events, unfortunate deaths, what the other clans do, etc.

01-30-2016, 02:29 PM
These shared adventures are kinda fun -- but what are you getting out of it? lol Is it helping on the back end?

01-30-2016, 02:37 PM
I do get interesting tidbits here and there, but it is mostly for fun.

01-30-2016, 11:13 PM
It is a great idea. Can't wait to participate when I have a little more time. It would be cool if you could incorporate them into the main screen menu some how. Sort of like how the binding of Isaac and spelunky have daily and weekly runs, Zombasite could have a weekly or biweekly shared adventure accessible from the main screen. That way people who don't visit the forums could jump right in too.

02-04-2016, 07:03 PM
Erich was a newly minted graduate of the University of Aleria, where he majored in air magic and minored in shapeshifting. His graduate advisor told him and two of his classmates Sean and Clay that if they were really looking to sharpen their skills, they should go to Westhof since it was in such bad shape, but urged extreme caution - something unexpected is always just ahead. Erich and Gray heeded this advice, but Sean was less cautious - he managed to get himself both petrified and kidnapped. Erich and Gray got to Westhof and saw their advisor was right - they had their work cut out for them - not only did they have to find and cure Sean, but the town had been burned to the ground, and the food supply had been poisoned. Rather than being discouraged, Erich and Gray simply turned to each other and said "let's do this."

Almost immediately after jumping into the Bighorn Grove, the duo were confronted with a summoning ritual, an imp asking for help to kill orcs, and the Mystic Brotherhood. Erich helps the imp, turns off all the ritual candles, then enlists And, a demon hunter, to fill out his party. Eventually he rescues Sean, and looks for his cure in the Grimalkin Forest of Spiders. Erich collects the needed items to free Sean and cure the food poisoning. To bolster his food production, Erich recruits Melita, a commoner with trapping skills, and Hope, a commoner with hunting skills. But he will have to wait to use their skills with the expedition meter currently negative. Unfortunately, the two new recruits didn't get along, and Melita killed Hope.

Northeast of Clay Wilds 4, Erich discovers the Eviscerators, in Rainy Worbrun, and arranges an exchange of clan knowledge. Erich learns of the Horde, letting Eviscerators know of the Mystic Brotherhood. Still recruiting, Erich picks up Missy, a ranger with fishing skills, and Lambrod, a death knight. Later, Erich discoveres Nemesis in Vicra.

The Horde and Eviscerators both decide to flex their muscles by declaring war on the Enforcers. Erich pieces together a tight four person raid party and dispatches Horde first, but was disappointed that he could only liberate 6 food. He then goes after Eviscerators, eliminates them quickly and snares another 23 food. Since monsters had previously eliminated Nemesis, the only known clan left is the Mystic Brotherhood, with whom he has a mutual protection pact. Erich keeps only And in his party for now and sends everyone else out for food. This should hopefully give him enough excess to resume looking for the remaining clans and new portals, which give his clan more hunting options.

Not long after starting his new expedition, Erich locates Nightwatch in Blackwine. He quickly builds favor by stamping out an infestation and buying some food, then establishing a non aggression agreement. Erich's food party comes through with 51 food, giving the Enforcers 106 over the minimum. With food now no longer an immediate need, Eric brings Sean into his party. Sean is reckless by nature, but he tells Erich that his experience of being kidnapped and petrified has taught him a lesson and thanks Erich for giving him a chance to help his clan. While scouting the Warehouse Sentinal Woods 1, Erich meets the Scourge. He curries favor by buying a satchel, then obtains a non aggression pact.

In the Electrical Calm Jungle, Erich picks up a stage 1 zombie infection that takes 17 health potions to cure. Southeast of the Wicked Woods of Fire, in Dumka, the Enforcers finally meet the last clan, the Collectors. Erich now needs to be cautious, since he is not the strongest clan. By power rating the clans are: Collectors 21, Nightwatch 17, Enforcers 16.75, Scourge 5.25, Mystic Brotherhood 3.5. He has 29 quests to go for his preferred adventurer win. Erich recruits Roberta, a conjuror and Nerva, a warrior, both with farming skills, to the Enforcers, both for the added food and increase in power. These moves catapult the Enforcers back into first place.

Without any warning, the clan banishes And - in mid battle no less, causing him to drop all of his gear and vanish. Erich scrambles back to Westhof to find a new party member - he chooses his old classmate Clay. He then returns home to learn sadly that one of his food gatherers, Melita, was killed by Lambrod. Erich discovers too late that Lambrod has the crazy trait. He swaps Clay out of his party for Lambrod - maybe he'll go crazy on some monsters rather than his own people. The loss of two members makes the Enforcers' reign as top clan a fairly short one.

Amazingly, as Erich returns to Wicked Chambers level 2, Peter the Food and Drink vendor has appeared. Erich buys all of the food that costs under 1 silver each, and all of the health and zombie potions. Food is now 187 over minimum - hopefully this will keep the clan content. Erich recruits Dagmar, a ranger with hunting skills, and Honey, a commoner with foraging skills, again strengthening the clan.

Erich finished up the remaining quests for his adventurer win, being awarded Backbreaker, an artifact mace, for his efforts. He finished up at level 13 as the most powerful clan, with eight other members. He did not have much difficulty with food or recruits. Guards were the main thing he had trouble with, finishing with only three.