View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.918

01-29-2016, 06:37 PM
fixed Saurian Mage skills text
zombie horrors now get 3 random skills instead of 2
doubled Orc Shaman Weakness skill debuff
Imp Spin Attack now does much more damage
Female Imps crossbow attack is now 33% faster (the projectile)
improved Naga Priest's heal spell
Hulk Stunning Hit now does more damage
Hulk now uses Quake Strike 25% more
added Quake Strike to Hulk's bestiary text
changed Wisp buff attack color and add an effect while the buff lasts
Wisp buff now lasts twice as long
added to Ghost special abilities they can pass through objects
ghosts are now harder to hit
guardians now have more armor
guardians now get extra fire, lightning, poison, and cold resistances
doubled chance that Giant Spiders use web attack
doubled Saurian Mage strength buff
Stalkers use Gut attack more often now
added bestiary text for Stalker Hunters
stalker hunters no longer have daggers
changed stalker hunters attack time from 1.5 to 0.75
increased stalker hunter projectile speed from 450.0 to 600.0
Scorpion Sting now does damage along with the speed debuff
Scree/Zombie Scree Impale now does more damage, hits more often, and has longer range
made Changelings a little tougher
PlagueBringer Larva now do more damage
Dark Elf Warriors now have more armor
Dark Elf Warrior's Slice can now hit up to 3 enemies and has a longer range
increased Dark Elf Assassion chance to hit
increased Dark Elf Assassion Poison Stab damage
increased Dark Elf Dark Priest Unholy Bolt damage
Targ/Zombie Targ now do more damage when in Frenzy mode
Furies/Zombie Furies now have much higher fire resistance
added Fire Resistance to Fury/Zombie Fury special attack text
Furies/Zombie Furies now have faster attacks
Skeleton Archers now fire faster
fixed male and female zombie names in bestiary
added Zombie Parasite bestiary text
Zombie Spiders can now phase more but they now have to be farther away
Zombie Scavengers now have farther corpse sense, sprint to corpses, and can eat more corpses
made Zombie Hellhound flame more powerful
now Zombie Ragnars gain more health from eating corpses
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 39
Shadow/Zombie Shadow now has better life steal/mana burn
Zombie Scarabus now spawn Parasites a little faster
fixed a bug in alert faction skills
fixed some problems with Zombie Stalker Death Scream
Zombie Scorpion now has more health and armor
Zombie Imp Poisonous Gas damage now scales with level
increased Blink range (Horror, Zombie Horror, and Zombie Pixie Big Sister)
added Tail Slam to Zombie Naga bestiary text
increased Zombie Naga Tail Slam damage, chance to hit, and range
Zombie Hulk now has Stunning Hit and Quake Strike
fixed a bunch of monster follower stuff

02-02-2016, 07:34 PM
now monster taunts debuff you defense, attack, and cast time
Zombie Shadow Scream is now a taunt
Ragnars are now much more likely to spawn in groups
Torva Shaman fire aura now gives better bonuses
Undead Herald call now buffs allies along with morale boost
Dark Elf Wizard and Fire Elemental fireballs now do radius damage
increased range for Fire Elemental and Zombie Imp passive damage attacks
Orc Caltrops now does damage when the victim moves
Torvas now use Power Attack much more often when victim has their back turned
improved dazed, ice explosion, void shield, ice bolt, teleport, armor melt, ambush, shatter, and amorph split effects
can no longer distribute bags to town armory
now other clans gain xp faster
improved clan recognition that they are being attacked
now clan members (yours and others) will wander around looking for enemies when clan is under attack
simplified recruit save/load stuff to fix some issues when recruits are lost
fixed effects not drawing on bestiary screen
pets no longer count in Enemies Too Close calculations (ScrObot)
increased normal NPC happiness degradation
decreased NPC happiness increase from full ration
increased NPC happiness increase from living in a house
improved arcane blast, ghost death, ice explosion, arcane swarm, blinding flash, and infused energy effects
NPCs now use more idle animations
donating gold or food to NPC now has chance of making them not start any fights for 10 minutes
now NPC relations will drift back towards neutral if they haven't had any interactions in a while
can now gift gems, rings, necklaces, jewelry, and luxuries from one npc to another npc - changes relations & happiness
added Love Potions

02-03-2016, 02:05 PM
The most recent 2-3 patches have really improved the game. I applaud you, sir. This unique monster stuff looks terrific.

02-03-2016, 07:11 PM
added Spy NPC skill - rogues, makes rumors & sabotaging cheaper
added Sage NPC skill - wizards & conjurors, makes identifying items cheaper (Tuidjy)
Quartermaster NPC skill now makes identifying items cheaper
fixed some recruit stuff not taking affect immediately
improved earthquake, temporal flux, and quake strike effects
rescue/escort to renegade quest transitions now keep NPC name consistent (Crisses/Caal)
fixed missing translation BuyCovenentSpecialItemCantAfford (Caal)
fixed NpcStarved translation not working
reworded wishing well event text a little (Crisses)
clan guards now ignore sighting enemies outside of clan level (Crisses)
now environment fires should spread a little better
now alarms on traps will trigger any ambush traps in range
now a few enemies can send ambushes to you
alarms on traps can now trigger an ambush (without a nearby trap)
when a NPC goes renegade in your town, the quest now has the correct location (Crisses)
now player doesn't have to have quest to gather monster parts for quests
fixed Arcane Swarm sometimes targeting things the player isn't allowed to target
added X the Coward quest
added X the Ambush Master quest
clicking on a monster in another clan no longer brings up their town defenses UI (Roswitha/ScrObot)

02-04-2016, 07:18 PM
entity movement should be a little smoother now (especially in multiplayer)
switched _freePackedDataObjects from linked list to a vector (test went from 88.7 to 101.8 fps) - should speed up server in multiplayer
added Ground Detail graphics option - if turned down can speed up fps especially dungeons/caves
set up data for Ground Detail option for dungeons and caves