View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.919

02-11-2016, 07:26 PM
improved wood damage, critical strike, stored lightning, and foul strike effects
fixed VirtualDroxInfo in joystick setup (DanSota)
fixed a crash in Quest::fail on some trigger quests
fixed scroll bar location on quest screen
decreased chances of clans complimenting player
Love Potion name is now gold
Love Potion is now a more noticable pink color
increased Idle behavior distance from 500.0 to 650.0
doubled NPC gift effectiveness
removed prefix from personal gift message
NPC created items messages are now center printed and not added to event messages
decreased activity status effects duration from 5 minutes to 2 1/2 minutes
added a message for NPC gifts
monster parts for quests from clans you haven't discovered yet no longer drop
moved zombie stalker death scream to dying animation from death skill so better synced
changed can hut/forage again message to make more sense with new expedition stuff (Crisses)
fixed missing DoorOnlyHold translation
updated expedition highlight text to mention new adventure expedition (Castruccio)
made expedition highlight text more consistent
halved chance NPC starts quest to make an item
fixed potential crashes in GameLevelData::hasBeenSpawned and GameLevelData::hasBeenSpawnedBefore
fixed tower death animations
fixed unhiding monsters not drawing
hunting group will now pick up any food items that they happen across
foraging group will now pick up any health/mana potions that they happen across
now get only get NPC died messages if from your covenant or the player is near
fixed poison gas on death on plaguebringers
now only get banished/left town messages about your own clan (Sharpoint)
fixed name in search for and waypoint for retrieve important info quests (Crisses)
items can no longer break in evidence objects
NPCs that aren't in clans no longer try to do activities
NPCs from other clans can no longer start quests
now Necromancer quests can cause some Zombasite mutations
now Lich quests can cause some Zombasite mutations
added a few new treasure map variants
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 40
now Covens, Warlocks, and Witches can start Curse quests when killed
added escort vendor quest
can now find zombie knowledge on lore items