View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.922

02-23-2016, 06:51 PM
improved clan bonus icons
improved crafting icons
added rest of character options to key on select character screen (Sharpoint)
fixed not saving party member indexes correctly any more (Caal)
decreased chance of personal delivery quests
fixed a crash in Game::covenantDestroyed (Varkon)
made networking much smarter about fragment delay time (Forevener)
improved plan to attack quest text
fixed missing translation QuestDestroyedGodAltar
increased health of quest altars
avatars now match the correct altars
lures now have a minute timer and no longer save
now check to make sure clan sabotage quests are for clans they have met
made it a bit easier to get a new nemesis
decreased clan compliment chances
now play teleport sound when avatar leaves
NPCs now have a higher chance of being infected
monsters should no longer be able to teleport into fake levels (Caal)

02-24-2016, 06:55 PM
now nemesis and arch-nemesis have a special icon over their heads, on selected entity UI, on taunt screen, and on quest screens
nemesis and arch-nemesis (if in region) are now higher priority
nemesis and arch-nemesis now have faster event time (they cause more trouble)
nemesis and arch-nemesis can now start more than 1 problem at a time
now try to make sure first nemesis is towards the high end of possible levels for that world
now add nemesis & arch-nemesis text to child quest announcements
nemesis and arch-nemesis now potentially start with some child quests
nemesis and arch-nemesis can now gain extra allies over time
nemesis and arch-nemesis are now much tougher
quests from NPCs for materials to create items are now much more rare but will create better items
now NPCs create items less but they are better quality
now know NPC's first personality trait right away

02-25-2016, 06:26 PM
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 42
fixed another spawn quest variant issue
now as zombies kill and zombie problems remain the zombie threat builds up until there is a new uprising or town attack
now start with some extra zombie uprisings
doubled most level modifiers so they impact the world more
increased new events from specific types of unique monsters and renegades (things like fire masters and witches)
made weather lightning strikes a little more vertical
put NPC created item message back to event text (now that it is more rare)
Text widgets now default to using text backdrop
made nemesis icons bigger and moved them to a better position
fixed machine text still having in the dungeon text (Crisses)
Soul Harvest is now an active skill (Crisses)
Soul Harvest no longer gives a bonus without a dead body, now the time increases each skill level, and is quicker (Crisses)
fixed a couple problems with monsters picking up and using items and leading to lots of messages (ErysLance/kouhei)
changed stalkers to use Scree music (instead of Shadow)
increased some of the monster music intensity multipliers
now show item better hint on guards, doors, and relics
fastest settings & highest quality options now change shadows quality
pedestals now have a label
simplified town object labels a little so less cluttered
now get Left click to use hint on pedestals