View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.923

03-01-2016, 06:57 PM
made nemesis logos on taunt screen bigger
added hide helmet option (penguinblender)
fixed "has a new ally" typo
fixed some problems with getting NPC quests in loner mode
now automatically open bags that were just equipped (MindDefect)
now show weapon & shield requirements in skill text (Dark Zeak)
fixed level and world warehouse modifier
fixed zombie scree not unhiding correctly
zombie gate now adds to zombie threat
fixed nemesis sometimes being too low level
can no longer pick a quest that can't start other quests for your nemesis
can no longer pick a quest that can randomly end for your nemesis
now some quests (necro/lich) can add to zombie threat even though the aren't zombies
improved breakable objects effects
now highlighting your under attack icon tells you quests involved
made darkness level modifier darker
fixed guards of siege towers sometimes being unique monsters
removed prefix from NPC add/remove fears/hates prints
siege guards can no longer be statues or hidden
fixed a few more issues with NPC deaths and including prefixes
now show zombie threat rate (per hour) when highlighting zombie threat bar
now make sure monsters don't pull in reinforcements that are already next to them
added a nemesis killed sound
now zombie threat bar will usually get higher before launching bad things

03-02-2016, 06:44 PM
improved fairy effects
fixed some quests that don't fail correctly when they NPC dies
now show clan name in ritual quest title
added recharge teleport stone quest
improved maps so map across level boundaries better but still don't see level name until you've actually been in the level
made enemy blips on world map larger so they can't hide as well (Varkon)
broken doors no longer show as better than an empty slot
added a "Hide the Dead" option so you can hide dead hardcore characters from select character list (Lan)
no longer get credit for repelling sieges player had nothing to do with (Lan)
now identify an item if distributed to someone in clan (Crisses)
storage special rooms now contain way more items (Crisses)
guard towers can no longer adventure around when the town is being attacked
guards can no longer adventure around when the town is being attacked

03-03-2016, 06:28 PM
fixed zombie threat rate on clients
now arrow buttons on relation screens can go to other player clans
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 43
petrified NPCs no longer change their animations every once in a while
hopefully fixed problem with some NPCs getting petrified but not having a quest to unpetrify them
fixed items not showing up in trades sometimes when you ignore the trade the first time (Sharpoint)
changed +status effect duration magic modifier on items to only change positive status effects (ScrObot)
removed duplicate StatusEffectAcidTouch definition
now hidden zombies will still unhide if player hass stage 2 infection (Verkanos)
reworded food sense text a little (Crisses)
changed detail models default to 0.5 (easier to tell what is what and faster)
increased guard drop chance by 50% (MindDefect)
made enemies navigate town areas much better
other clans no longer taunt player about NPC kills (Dark Zeak)
now make sure renegade level matches the NPC's level before they went renegade
increased DestroyBonusIfRaiding from 1.25 to 1.5
now clear parent quest index if quest goes to a different clan
no longer get "paid to go to war" or "paid to break treaty" messages unless you have met one of the involved clans
increased a few insanity multipliers
increased HappinessDegradation