View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.924

03-08-2016, 07:33 PM
now show zombie threat rate on quests (Crisses)
reworded cursed wishing well teleporter trap text (Crisses)
fixed level 90 sunstone not having any magic modifiers on it (Nesmo)
added descriptions to all personalities (Aisu Kitsune)
added likes, loves, dislikes, and hates personalities for Demon Hunters and Death Knights
fixed NPC relations moving back towards neutral way too quickly (Melchior36)
removed bags only button (sourdust)
moved clan button to where bags only button was (sourdust)
removed win/lose buttons (only on clan screen now)
moved zombie threat bar to where win/clan/lose buttons used to be
added tracking NPC skill to warriors, rogues, rangers, and demon hunters - decreases quest search costs
added mapping NPC skill to rangers, priests, wizards, and conjurers - decreases quest search costs
spies now decrease quest search costs also
fixed alignment of lists on clan gifts screen
made rumors, sabotaging, identifying, and searching for quests targets cost more, but made NPC skills decrease them more
now bonus xp items have a minimum level of the surrounding area (Caal)
fixed another being able to damage pet issue (Mithur)
pets now have orange blips on mini-map (Mithur)
fixed NPC projectile attacks sometimes going in weird directions (Crisses)
now different types of attacks concentrate on different sides of town so that there is a more strategy on door/guard placement: town/siege attacks - front, scouts/assassins back, and clan raids sides
fixed a couple issues on relation screen when playing multiplayer (Varkon)
fixed vendors walking around town being jerky
split quest events and world modifier events into 2 different timers
doubled chances of vendors (in wild and visiting town)
added food to main game menu so it is easier to see (sourdust)
zombie knowledge no longer marked as an important button
added close X button on bestiary screen (sourdust)
fixed XP notches not being evenly spaced

03-09-2016, 07:12 PM
fixed personality names/desc layout
improved switch places command
now happiness at clan luminary levels is color coded green
happiness on main NPC screen is now color coded
guard focus now increased NPC attack & defense by 50%
added construction NPC focus - works on rebuilding houses, no other work, more unhappiness & food usage (sourdust)
fixed getting a blank quest sometimes after destroying an altar (Tuidjy)
now make sure destroyed clans are not changing their relations with other clans (Tuidjy)
now failed quests clean up their world modifiers - like darkness machines (Tuidjy)
now take into account burned areas when displaying hunting/foraging percents
increased hunting efficiency by 50% (Tuidjy)
food sense now changes the amount of food found when found instead of the chance (mucks with other chances less this way and makes more obvious working)
increased food sense on cooking and treasure hunter skills (Tuidjy)
added highlight text to diplomacy screen, win progress, and lose progress close buttons
simplified win/lose screens now that they are under clan screen
made exit type of buttons much more consistent - should all be either done or cancel now (sourdust)
fixed a missing word in character screen help