View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.925

03-24-2016, 07:09 PM
can now only have 1 outstanding taunt from a monster at a time
fixed monster getting stuck not being able to pick between 2 items
fixed some button sizes on NPC equipment screen
NPCs needing an escort now have more health
non-full screen menus can now be unpaused (sourdust)
added who attacks which sides of town hints to empty gate and guard slots (Crisses)
add show/hide player bags button on stash ui (MindDefect)
now show bad relations on gifts NPC highlights (MindDefect)
now NPCs will recast buffs if old one is lower level than a newer one would be (Tuidjy)
added cheat_startFire :)
made ice bombs more common, they drop in larger stacks, and they hit a larger radius
now enforce range of healing/buff spells better, but doubled their range
now show joystick button on clan screen icon (MindDefect)
now putting out fires ignores collision so that it is much easier to put them out
made maps a bit easier to see the difference between open areas and blocked areas
sped up saving the maps
fixed a problem with monster wars starting
fixed monster wars getting killed after a save/resume
now show wars in world modifiers section on world map
evil avatars can no longer go to war
made dungeons harder (tougher monsters), but increased the chances of chests
added option to draw shoulders armor (Gauner)
made zombie mutations more drastic
added an option to hide item names when enemies are near by