View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.926

03-30-2016, 12:26 AM
fixed a small issue with game objective help topic
updated hunting/foraging help topic with new expedition stuff
negative expedition points now shows up on happiness highlight
decreased ExpeditionHappinessDegradationMult from 15.0 to 10.0
now start off knowing the personalities of your original NPC recruits (Tuidjy)
fixed missing translation HappinessSourceConstruction
now activities shows up in happiness highlight text
added teleport stone to ways back to town help topic
increased stack size of ice bombs from 10 to 20
done button on NPC equipment screen is a slightly different color now to stand out a little
now always send fires in town to client
now show fires on minimap and world map so it is easier to locate them and put them out
now tell player NPC gender on NPC equipment screen and on most NPC highlight text
fixed NPC List sorting not saving correctly
added another carrier hint on zombie knowledge
now new characters start with a few ice bombs
fixed altars not always healing zombasite

03-30-2016, 07:45 PM
added an option to turn off zombies when you select the world options (seems crazy some people don't like zombies :)
fixed some times losing an NPC when you only have 1 NPC and transferring to a new world (Caal/Tuidjy)
added some basic zombie knowledge that starts unlocked on Zombie Knowledge screen
moved ShowObjectsThroughWallsDistance to database and increased from 150.0 to 200.0
randomized monsters' initial direction
now get a message when nemesis or arch-nemesis is killed
now get a reward chest when kill nemesis or arch-nemesis
fixed a few issues with most impressive kill on win screen
now initial recruits start with at least 0 happiness
added a warning on start hunt, forage, and adventure buttons if will go to negative expedition points

03-31-2016, 06:56 PM
reduced amount of quests started by NPCs
teleport stone now blinks if town is being attacked, you still have a teleport available, and you aren't in town
fixed relation line color for multiplayer clients
fixed relation line color between player clans
relations & treaties are now shared between player clans
now clean up clan list better when a multiplayer client leaves the game
now can click on the low potions warning icon to go directly to the forage party screen
now can click on the rationing or out of food warning icons to go directly to the hunting party screen
fixed lightning not being able to start fires
fires started by quests now start out a lot slower (usually 1 spot instead of dozens)
made dishonest and honorable incompatible personality types (Tuidjy)
fixed a problem with other clans having food issues (could be killing off or weakening clans that shouldn't be)
"Can't increase durability more." message no longer gets added to log (Tuidjy)
added natural degredation to happiness highlight
now activity icons have lower priority than other status effect icons (Tuidjy)