View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.928

04-12-2016, 07:12 PM
added quest history button (shows the complete history of a quest)
rumored position text no longer added to log
now trees fade out when in way
should no longer spawn pets without a parent (Tuidjy)
decreased ShowObjectsThroughWallsDistance back down to 150.0
sped up getNearestEnemy, sped up test case from 36 to 86 fps
now you can piss off the good gods of Aleria and if you do they will randomly remove 1 win type for that world
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 47

04-14-2016, 07:34 PM
fixed fog sometimes being black (added additive to smokebam1.eff)
clans are much less likely to start a raid when their town is under some kind of attack
now monster taunts are logged so they can be in quest history
fixed scrollbar location on solve quests screen
added another way to piss off the good gods
added quest history button to solve quest screens
quests that are in unknown locations now move slower
other clans should wander around the outside of their wall better now
changed default on way type from normal to never
NPCs can no longer be raised from the dead
machine quests no longer have history button
now show name of NPCs over more NPCs
fixed a bug with NPC item quest chances
now only charge search for enemy cost if it works
made searching for monster groups work better (will now search for follows also, not just the leader)
fixed another problem keeping other clans you are adventuring with not being able to use your healthstone (Tuidjy)
now other clans don't get upset if you adventure with another clan and they haven't discovered you or the adventure with clan (Tuidjy)
other clans' members can't go renegade if they are the last clan member (Tuidjy)
renamed Gates back to Doors (might be less accurate but should be less confusing)
fixed Horrors/Zombie Horrors not having any magical spells (Throwback)
fixed not saving random skills for some monsters