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04-16-2016, 05:47 AM

The image clearly shows that whatever I'm doing - I'm doing it pretty badly. I just died at least twice in the ensuing event - have closer look though, and things become more... interesting.

Apparently, I was not all too observant of what the heck just happened to my 15-20 person clan. On the image itself, you will notice:
* A whole lot of equipment from dead clanmates.
* Me being chased by insane remnants (or revenants) of my own clan.
* The lose timer is up.
* The victory button is beside the minimap, because I triggered a Logistics Win, having lots of food after losing my entire clan.

Apparently, I had no time to pick up the relics I left to my clan armory and just quickly Logistics Won away.

About just thirty seconds before this event, I was just questing as normally in some distant location when suddenly, my message list fills up with notices of people going insane and suddenly going off killing each other. Oddly enough, while I did realize some of my members were going off the deep end, their happiness was always 190+, and just almost about everyone was a Luminary.

I am quite speechless right now, and slightly disappointed about my previously rather large clan's sudden demise, but also very fascinated about what the heck just happened. :P I can easily understand some dude getting a mind melted, but for my whole clan to go insane and slaughter each other... that reminds me a bit too much of Dwarf Fortress.

04-16-2016, 11:22 AM
It sounds like the Logistics Win could do with some tweaking. Having your entire clan die rapidly should not result in a victory.

04-16-2016, 01:28 PM
Every time you lose a member of you clan in violent circumstances, as opposed to kicking him out after a vote, some people get a little bit stressed out. How much seems to depend on how close they were to him, i.e. his wife may mind a lot more than someone who hated him. If you have not been taking case of your people's stress levels, and many were already a bit disturbed, someone going insane, or zombie, might have been enough to push more than one person over the edge. Once you started losing people, every death made more clan members go bonkers, and your clan went critical.

This is why you should make sure that no one is too stressed out. In my clan, everyone over 30 insanity is on Rest and Relaxation, or if that those not help, he's out on his ass. After every death, I immediately make sure that no one has been pushed too close to the edge, and take measures if I have to.


By the way, there are clan members who are rock solid, and can keep themselves happy and sane with no trouble. Too bad they are few and far between or one could try to do without hiring anyone who isn't a saint... Sometimes, the most skilled recruits are a lot of trouble. In one of my games, I have a hostile, talkative, aggressive and depressing clan member... She lives in a corner of the city, and gifts love potions to her worst detractors every time we find one. Why is she still in the clan? She is a wizard specializing exclusively in Fire Shield, and thus worth her weight in anti-zombie potions, many times over.

04-18-2016, 05:02 AM
You're right, Tuidjy, and it turns out thinking back, I made a bunch of wrong choices in picking up NPC's to join the clan - since I tried a weird Archer/Thief build, I ended up with a clan producing a whole surplus of mail armor pieces I can't wear.

To solve the problem, I went my way to kick out several clan members in quick succession - after a while, I noticed a number of people had their insanity values up in the red, so I stopped - apparently, those people liked each other. Minutes after, however, one member pretty much went past the conga line and began slaughtering folks in the fortress - deaths ensued, more people went insane, and began a waterfall of insanity that ended with just about everyone duking it out with each other until whoever's still alive happens to now be insane.

As soon as I teleported back to town, I quickly looked at my clan screen to find my own party members were the only ones alive and not insane, and that's like only ten to twenty seconds from the time I was alerted somebody went suddenly crazy. Even my own party members fell victim afterwards though, where they were quickly killed or went crazy from what they saw.

While I did expect a few folks going off the deep end, I didn't expect full-on slaughter to happen in my town and with a tantrum spree going out of control and practically infecting everyone, including my own party members, resulting in the whole clan's destruction.

Gameplay-wise or realistically though, what can we actually say about tantrum sprees? Just that, to me, we don't see that kind of thing often, unless we're talking about things like dance hysteria we've only read about in real world history.

04-18-2016, 08:51 AM
So something odd happened again. I found myself a new world in save state where I am apparently being attacked by my nemesis every five minutes, and I've only barely ran across an area before an attack notice goes up again.


In this current scenario, because of the constant sieges going on, I had to make a warpath towards the regional nemesis's area as soon as possible - and there I discovered the area is filled with elites and named monsters - like a TON of them. There's at least one or two in every square I walk across. I tried questing through the area and at least found that while these guys hit hard, they're manageable of one's careful enough.


Now, I assume this is all normal behavior - when I got back to HQ after a short assault on the area, I suddenly found my quest board filled with successful quests - not of killing elites, but several repeating variations of
"Destroy Dark elf <something> base of operations" and something like "Quelled Dark elf <something> uprising". I submitted all of them at once and pretty much boosted my XP level a whole level-up from 19-20 and then some more.

Now that's when I said, I needed to post about this because it's very odd. :P I suddenly feel the area is somehow imbalanced, not because it's difficult, but because it's filled with named creatures and 'bases of operations' laid on top of each other and is too easy of an XP farm.

These guys are partying hard. :P

04-18-2016, 02:13 PM
It happens, and when it does, I love it. Sometimes RNGesus dumps on you, but sometimes what he dumps is gold ingots.

When I see an area like this, I drink one of the "Find magic items" potions I have stashed, and if they are around, make an alliance with the Collectors. I've gotten 10-20 elite/legendary/set/etc... items per run that way.


By the way, when you say it is an easy area, do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Those named guys each get to roll some extra features. At low levels, they are not that bad... but at higher levels they can be pretty nasty, and when one rolls two or three extras that feed off each other, you may be one shoted before you realize something's going on. Assassination, tracking, warrior and berserk, for example combine into insane attack, damage, and critical chance.

04-18-2016, 05:46 PM
It sounds like the Logistics Win could do with some tweaking. Having your entire clan die rapidly should not result in a victory.

I think I've noted that a couple of times also.

04-19-2016, 12:38 AM
I pretty much took advantage of the situation and cleared out the area - it was very hectic, and that I dare not run into a group like that again just to take a screenshot. :P I did, however, gain a lot of good shinies to bring home!
On the other hand, found this oddity:


I believe the guy here is referring to a generated NPC who hasn't been named yet?

04-19-2016, 12:47 AM
I believe the guy here is referring to a generated NPC who hasn't been named yet?

No. You found a bug. Shadow will fix it.