View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.929

04-20-2016, 07:09 PM
now NPCs that just went renegade have a chance to teleport away
now NPCs that leave your clan for whatever reason have a chance to join another appropriate clan
now NPCs that leave your clan for whatever reason can start a new clan
now uprisings, unique monsters, renegades, and bosses can start new clans
now renegades might get a new skill with each new promotion
now NPCs that go renegade can become a more appropriate renegade type (Smuggler, Witch, Mercenary, etc)
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 48
renegades now have more chances to get promoted
NPCs that leave your clan now can steal some food before they leave
made player movement much smoother
sped up another PlayerClient::getNearestEnemy issue, test goes from 125 to 135 fps
now more of the starting menus have theme music
made Quick help topic system a little shorter
made the font smaller on the quick help topics - hopefully makes it a little easier to read (less scrolling/less imposing)
reworded evidence quests text a little
added right click stuff to basics help topic
reordered menus in UI screens help topic to match order of buttons in game
simplified UI screens help topic a little
added Help menu to UI screens help topic
reworded damage help topic a little
reworded ways back to town help topic a little
reworded guards part of clan layout help topic a little
reworded skill types help topic, color coded it, and broke up into more paragraphs to make easier to read

04-20-2016, 10:53 PM
UI improvement! Awesome!