View Full Version : Upcoming patch 0.932

05-10-2016, 06:11 PM
added better capture expedition icon
added better solve quest icon on trade screen
fixed a few monster enhancements playing sounds
earthquakes can no longer have enhancements
now monster enhancement effects go away after the monster is dead
now fire, poison, & acid powerups have a value
fixed weed15c having a burned version that had different collision and set as a detail model
made a few event type monsters (like earthqakes) not block collision
no longer lose relation to other clans when weaker than they are in loner and family challenge modes
added passive bonuses to all skills
changed Hell Storm damage type to fire
changed Foul Strike dot to poison damage
fixed missing DefendingCrushingBlow translation
NPCs now only get XP for casting buffs on other people
fixed a potential issue with military wins
now verify player clan is not eliminated before awarding diplomatic win (Caal)
fixed monster/npc group quests having inconsistent XP rewards on client and server (Tuidjy)
doubled XP for monster group quests
quadrupled XP for NPC group quests (Tuidjy)