View Full Version : Betrayed

08-03-2007, 11:17 AM
So yesterday I talked about sparing the Shining Blades because they had treated me well all game. That's not going to happen in my current game with the Kindred Spirits. I might play nice for a little while, but sooner or later I'm going to destroy their covenant :)

Ok, so here's what happened. There is a form of money in the game called crystals that is used strictly for covenant related stuff like guards, starting rumors, and trading. You get most of your crystals from taxes from the town (this is based on your influence) but you can also get some extra crystals from trade routes with the other covenants.

Anyways, I had just bought some guards and overextended myself a little. I spent most of my crystals and now had higher guard upkeep costs then I was getting in taxes and trade routes.

So I go out in the world frantically trying to solve some quests since they are a good source of influence just like experience. If I can get my influence higher then I will collect more taxes. As I'm doing this, I start getting warnings about running out of crystals and the game is going to have to sell off one of my guards (for way less then I just paid for it). But I'm making progress. I'm narrowing the gap and I'm slowing down the depletion of my funds. I was about to get my crystal rate back to positive again when the Kindred Spirits decided to cancel our trade route. Yeah, that made it impossible to save the situation and the game sold off one of guards shortly after that. Did I mention they are going to die sooner or later?